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    Hello All,

    I have applied to Riverside School of Nursing and I got in (i think:stone need to complete 3 more pre-reqs) But I have been looking for any information about the curriculum and what to expect from their school. I used the search option and haven't really found out any information. Any help or information would be greatly greatly appreciated. I will start Jan 2011 and I am so excited. But I want to be prepared in any way possbile. But i can't wait to start school and I would to be as prepared as possbile. Since I am overseas going to the school is impossible until about Nov 2010. But any info would be greatly apprecaited.

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    I've been accepted into the Jan 2010 class for Eve/weekends. They do have their curriculum online though it takes a bit of searching to find it. As to what to expect, I can't say, but I have heard nothing but positives about their program so far. Did you interview with the lady that handles all registration stuff?
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    Nope not yet. Cause I am still overseas I am going to take the test and do the interview on the same day in February.

    How was the interview??

    Any surprises??

    How was the test? Was is what your suspected and did you use the study guide??
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    Teas test wasnt too bad. Worst part was the math, only because they don't let you use calculators and my stubby pencil skills aren't as fast as they used to be. I did buy the book and the practice tests, they did help some. I scored an 89 on the practice test and an 84 on the actual test.

    Entrance interview was cake. I think they pretty much have decided on you before you show up based on the teas results and your application with essay. Are you an Army medic or some other branch? I have a couple of Army/Navy guys in my classes over at TCC and one of the classes is held at Portsmouth Naval Hospital.
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    Here is a link for ya: http://www.riversideonline.com/rshc/upload/RSHC-Catalog-08-6-09r-pub_o.pdf

    Takes a bit of searching, its not referenced directly on their website, I found it after a bit of looking. I think this may be what you want.
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    Army Medic. Thanks so much for the advice and help. Good Luck in Jan.
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    Hey Bob N VA just heard that I too have been accepted into the Riverside evening program starting in Jan 2010! I am very excited and cant wait! I will be taking the bridge program and joining the class later in the year for the last 2 semesters! yeah!!
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    Congrats. Looking forward to starting there. So you are starting later in the year? Do you come in at the second semester in June/July?
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    Well Bob I have to take a the bridge program. It is 20 weeks and starts in Jan 2010. I will meet once a week with my articulation cooridinator and do projects to ensure that I will be ready to join the properly jump over to the RN program. We will also meet a couple of times during the bridge program for clinicals. At the end of the 20 weeks there is a skills lab and then we jump into the class that is getting ready to start semester 5. Should be done in about a 1 1/2yrs..... I belive that is how it goes but dont hold me too it!!!!
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    Hello all

    I have completed my pre-reqs and am going to apply to Riverside's RN program.
    I want to do the nights/weekends program, but I can't find the class schedule anywhere.

    I remember hearing that the classes are Tues & Thurs evenings, and every other weekend.

    Is that correct?

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