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    Hello everyone,

    I posted a little while ago about MCI RN program graduates, as I am trying to decide which RN program to proceed with. I am leaning towards Riverside's LPN-RN program at this point and I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with this program. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and have a great afternoon!

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    Hi:spin: I really don't know anything about Riverside program but have heard more positive things about their program than MCI plus their cheaper Have you looked into Sentara RN also?
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    Thanks for your reply! Yes, I have looked into Sentara's program as well. It looks like a great program, too. I am working full time for CHKD right now so the one reason I was looking into Riverside's program is the evening/weekend option. I still have some time to decide though, as I have some pre-reqs to get out of the way.
    By the way, I noticed your name of rnstudent006, are you still in school? If so, what school do you attend???

    Thanks again and have a good night!
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    Yep, I graduated with my first degree in 06 but I will be starting nursing school this fall. Either Sentara, Marymount, or Catholic University of America are my choices. In addition to Riverside and Sentara have you looked into ODU & Hampton as well? I know they have pretty good second degree programs if your already college grad like me:spin:
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    Riverside is one of the last hardcore hospital diploma schools. With prerequisites, total time to graduation is probably 3 to 3 1/2 years. There is a 2-year day program consisting of three 13-week semesters a year, and a considerably less time-crunched evening/weekend option that takes 3 years to complete.

    The question of why anyone would prefer Riverside to a BSN program depends on the student. Some had grandmas and moms at Riverside. Some believe quality clinicals are the key to the best education. Mostly, Riverside has the reputation that when a student graduates, they're ready to work.

    When the Carnegie Foundation decided to update its 100-year-old study on how the professions form their practitioners, they chose Riverside as the lone exemplar of RN diploma programs. Patricia Benner came out to oversee that study.

    The Riverside system is extensive enough that all clinicals take place in Riverside facilities (except for the community-run CSB for outpatient mental health clinicals), so this is one school that never has its faculty scratching around to come up with clinical sites.

    The school recently moved out of its wing at RRMC (which originally included dorm rooms) to its own spacious complex (good labs and classrooms with good projectors).

    This year, a Riverside graduate left the school $1.2 million, which will be used for scholarships.

    Early application is important. Admissions are on a rolling basis, but you may get rolled over to a later class if you don't apply early enough. A computer admission test is administered on site, and an in-depth personal interview is conducted.
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    Thank you for the reply! That was great information!
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    I plan on applying, but I am confused. Their website says that you can apply as soon as you have 10 credits from prereq classes, which will be after this fall semester( I have credits from JMU that will carry over also) . But the website also says that you should submit the application once you ahve all sections compelted, which includes transcripts...WEll obviously, you wont have all your classes done if you only have 10 credits!!!

    Also, anyoen know what the typical wait period is. One person I know had to wait a session, but my neighbor is an LPN, and says they have a wait list.

    Also, the website says program entrance is competitive, so does that mean they choose newer applicants over older ones if they are better qualified/have higher grades in the pre-reqs? Also do you think going ahead and getting an assoc rather than just the prereq classes would help in entrance?

    Anyhow, their new location is within walking distance to me if I really wanted to, so thats why I chose them in part!

    I looked into MCI- way overpriced, and the schedule was impossible, no holiday breaks, and you had to have prior medical experience or take the lpn courses before the rn in order to get into the rn courses! $50,000 for a 2 yr degree? Um I dont think so!!!
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    I looked into MCI- way overpriced, and the schedule was impossible, no holiday breaks, and you had to have prior medical experience or take the lpn courses before the rn in order to get into the rn courses! $50,000 for a 2 yr degree? Um I dont think so!!![/quote]

    Are you serious about the cost to attend MCI's rn program?? Last I heard it was arond $27,000-28,000. Which campus was this? also I had talked to a rep from MCI a while back and all that was required was chemistry,math,and computer class. They never once said anything about having prior medical experience or completing the lpn program before applying to the rn program. More info is definitely appreciated about this!!!
    I have also looked into Riverside rn program because they have an evening program. I have not been able to speak with anyone who has attended the program as to what there thoughts about getting prereqs done, gpa,getting accepted, and the quality of education. I hope someone will come and provide some knowledge about Riverside's rn program because I would like to know too.
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    I talked to a lady there, and she said due to a high rate of dropouts in the rn program that they wanted all applicants to have prior medical experience(either lpn, technicians, MA's, whatever) or to go through the lpn program first. Well, at $27,000-$28, 000 per program, if you dont have pior medical experience, you are paying over $50,000 all together.

    This was the n/n campus

    Someone in my kids playgroup just graduated from the Riverside program. She got in after 1 semester(it starts jan and july for night/weekends...she couldnt get in Jan but did july) She said that the clinicals are really good. Thats typically what I have heard...that since its through Riverside the clinicals are much better than many other places. She just got a job at a level II NICU.
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    I'm a Riverside grad, I enjoyed the program and feel that I learned quite a bit. The clinical experiences were great b/c its a diploma program and a hospital based program, you have lots of opportunities...this is a good thing - IMHO, its better to have a LOT Of hands on experience to compliment the textbooks and classwork.
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