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NVCC - NOVA Application Question

  1. 0 I submitted my checlist late, but on the deadline, for the fall 2011 traditional track. Has anyone received their application yet? The MEC told me today I would have to come and pick it up when they call/email me. I am worried that the application will be lengthy and include an essay or two; it's due Friday May 27!!! Does anyone know what's on the application? Is there anything I could start now while I am waiting to hear back about my checklist?

    Thanks :redpinkhe
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    The application is simple..I got it back like 2 days ago! It's just Your pre approved checklist, your, TEAS scores, transcripts, a one sheet application page just stating your address and us citizenship. THAT's IT!!!!!!
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    Basically all the application is is the pre-application checklist stuff. The day I got my application in the mail I finished it and sent it right back in to them
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    Thanks so much to both of you! You have quelled my nerves about what's on the application. Hope I hear something soon