NVCC or GMU for pre nursing?

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    Hello wonderful people
    So i want nothing more than to be a nurse but i am so clueless on which school to pick! i saw a very old thread on here from a few years back claiming employers love nova grads because they actually get more clinical hours than mason grads and i was wondering if that was still true?
    overall which science program/ professors want to help you more on your path to success?

    I have to pay for school myself so getting a quality education is very important but so is remaining out of serious debt.

    which experience was the best for you/ a loved one?

    ANY and all advice is so welcome thank you all
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    For pre nursing classes, i would suggest go with NVCC. The class size is small, the instructors are good, half the price of GMU, and you can transfer to any other nursing schools in VA. Also, if you could, go straight to BSN after that. It would to get a job after you are done.
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    @hanoi98 that's another thing I was worried about!! is is true job prospects are back for ADN nurses? I have no clue! I think nvcc is more respected
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    Quote from nma2257
    @hanoi98 that's another thing I was worried about!! is is true job prospects are back for ADN nurses? I have no clue! I think nvcc is more respected
    I have heard that INOVA and Reston will not hire ADN nurses anymore starting sometimes this years. I do agree that the staff at hospitals had clinicals with highly regarded us, but if it is a hospital's policy, preferred or not will not matter. Prince William Novant still hires ADN nurses though. I will graduate this coming May, and have decided to attend RN to BSN in August. You just have to decide for yourself. Complete your prerequisite at NVCC and see.
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    Just want to add sth, i am really happy with NVCC despite the job prospect for ADN. I have some great instructors, and made best friends. This is the only choice for me because i have to quit my job, go to school full time, being a single mother and pretty much live off my student loan. So the cost was the major factor. GMU although has good reputation locally, they don't have a big research hospital associated with like UVA or VCU. And the cost for all those state U will pretty much the same. I would not personally choose GMU
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    I am SO SORRY!! i literally just found this reply, i never even got a notification. so you think it is worth it to go to nova and then GMU even though it will take me an extra 18 months? because I'm skipping the online hybrid semester, i haven't heard anyone talk about it and it seems really really hard to do it online. What do you think?
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    IMO, I would go to a better school than GMU for my BSN, plus for financial reason. GMU will definitely help you finish faster. Everyone situation is different. For me, NVCC was the only choice.