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NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A - page 7

Hello All, I wanted to start a new thread for everyone who was accepted (and because the other one was getting really long). :) If you could please share some information about yourself and any... Read More

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    Well, now I am a float pool nurse. Inova seems like a good place in terms of compensation, training, and work environment, but they also tend to tell you when and where you will work and it is not a 2-way conversation. As a new nurse, I don't really mind because I want good experience and am getting it. If I were more experienced, I would probably want more say; Maybe Inova would give me that or may be it would not.
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    Gotta be flexible in this job. No longer in float pool and now at Alexandria. Floating was good, as I got to see lots of places. I like having a home unit better, though.
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    Do anyone know what company NOVA use for background checks, I want to order one to see if I pass or not?

    Thank You
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