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NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A - page 2

Hello All, I wanted to start a new thread for everyone who was accepted (and because the other one was getting really long). :) If you could please share some information about yourself and any... Read More

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    Name: Nathalia
    Years at NVCC: 2
    Joined the FBook Group: not yet
    Track: Traditional
    Career Goal: RN for now
    Planning to Transfer: Yes. where? Mason
    Classes Completed: all the pre-req plus some transfer courses from my previous university

    About me: I'm 23 y/o (but trust me I look very young. It's just very funny sometimes that people think that I'm 12 )I'm a wife, but not planning to have kids any time soon.
    I love gardening,cooking,baking. I'm very quiet, but if you know me,you'll be surprised.
    I went to a university in DC before I transfered to NOVA, but the university closed down before I get my degree.

    - I tried to join the NVCC Nursing class 2013, but I couldn't find it.
    can somebody give me a link to the page?

    -Is there any one here signing up for the CPR class at the MEC on July 19th?

    -the NUR 111 book is it really around $500?
    Can we buy the book online?

    I look forward to see you all at the orientation
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    Hi Genesis,

    thanks for your prompt response
    I really appreciated it.
    I hit the like button--I can see everyone's post,but can't write anything on the wall yet?
    Facebook is very weird lately.

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    hi nathalia,
    i'm trying to sign up for the 16th. however, i had issues with registering online. i've emailed them and i will get in touch with them tomorrow.
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    wait whyyyyyy are you guys going to the mec!!!? Go through INOVA it's 98.00 for the same training I just passed it on sunday! https://webcentaur.inova.org/weblink/clSc.do
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    It's too late now.
    I didn't know that at first.
    were you guys using the same book?
    BLS for health care provider?
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    awww man and its ok. Yes we used the same book as long as its American Heart Association its acceptable.
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    I've looked into the INOVA classes after reading through the FB pages. But despite being a bit more expensive, the MEC set-up is best for me. BTW, thank you for putting up the FB page ... very helpful indeed!
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    That's fine
    Btw, have you guys ordered the stethoscope yet?
    Is there any store that carry the model that they recommended?
    I went to Amazon.com they do have the same model,but it doesn't include the pocket organizer and all the stuff that you will get if you order online through the website provided.

    Any idea?
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    student again, hope to see you at the MEC on the 19th
    Good luck with the registration.

    Hope to talk to you guys soon.
    Have a good evening
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    nat2 : amazon doesn't have it as a bundle but they have the organizer on the site too. I am debating on the stethoscope because the one i previously had ( my house was robbed and they stole my stethoscope too, odd thing to steal) was good but now i can't decide if i should get the same one. But if you price it out its about the same the only difference is that if you're a prime member for amazon there's no shipping fee so that's the only thing you're saving on.
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    Quote from nat2.lavigne
    That's fine
    Btw, have you guys ordered the stethoscope yet?
    Is there any store that carry the model that they recommended?
    I went to Amazon.com they do have the same model,but it doesn't include the pocket organizer and all the stuff that you will get if you order online through the website provided.

    Any idea?
    Hi Nat,

    If you have access to Blackboard, there is a link in the Orientation module under 'Uniforms/Supplies' regarding a Nurse Kit that they recommend the students to order. The kit includes a stethoscope, scissors, chart pen, and disposable pen light, all for $56.50 (it's nurse kit #370).

    Hope this helps.
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    Name: Amanda (Mandi)

    Years at NVCC: 1

    Joined the FBook Group: Not yet... Gotta make a "school use" name.

    Track: Traditional

    Career Goal: I'm really interested in cardiac/thoracic ICU, which I'd like to do for a few years before becoming a CRNA

    Planning to Transfer: Yes. Will apply to VCU as soon as I get my RN.

    Classes Completed: Had AP Bio and Eng in HS (which they took), I have a previous AS in Business, and I have all the prereqs and coreqs out of the way (except for pharm and intercultural communication, which I'm in now)

    About me: I'm 31, have 3 kids, and have been married for almost 10 years. I must look a lot younger, because people seem to think I'm my kid's nanny as opposed to their mom, LOL. My kids will be 8, 5, and 3 when the program starts, so it's going to be a challenge balancing school and family. My husband used to be an officer in the Marine Corps, so we've lived in Hawaii for 3 years, Georgia for 2, and now we're back in NoVA (where we both went to HS). I'm not really sure when I decided I wanted to be a nurse, but I love helping people, and it seemed like a career I could do anywhere (my husband is now with the State Dept and we may potentially go overseas later). Anyway, I'm excited to get started and can't wait to meet everyone!


    1) Does anyone know if the INOVA BLS course is acceptable for our CPR class? I really want to do it at Loudoun Hospital (I live like 2 miles away) but it makes me nervous that it's shorter and doesn't really mention infant CPR in the description. Did anyone email Mrs. Vito and get confirmation?

    2) Is anyone planning on getting a nicer stethoscope? I don't want to have to keep "upgrading" and spend more money over the long run if I know I want to do something in cardiology. Is there any chance they won't let us use the nicer ones in clinicals?

    3) Is anyone completely dreading the fact that we HAVE to buy our uniforms through the bookstore? There are no exceptions to this because the pants all have to be from the same "dye lot", etc. I really need a tall size, and they don't even offer it. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to hope for the best. I'm wondering how I'm supposed to inspire confidence in my abilities when I'll look like I can't even dress myself, LOL.
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    They also offer nurse kits on Scrubs and Beyond.com. I am ordering my steth separately and they have one w/o a steth for 15 dollars, the one with the steth is 30 dollars. Look under Shoes/Scopes then under Medical Kits and Tools. If you're like me I'm trying to save money every where I go... lol