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Hello All, I wanted to start a new thread for everyone who was accepted (and because the other one was getting really long). :) If you could please share some information about yourself and any questions you have about the... Read More

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    Cathyn85 did you go on your blackboard yet it shows everything we have to do including the uniforms!
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    Name: Mimi, "Meems", or "LT", but please don't call me Captain (used to a very military bunch of folks in Hampton Roads)
    Years at NVCC: decades as student, have AS in EMS (also have BS from George Washington Medical in Emergency Management with a minor in EMS Education); also few years as Adjunct Faculty in EMS (@ GW, too), so I know CPR!
    Joined the FBook Group: Yes
    Track: Traditional
    Career Goal: Masters/Doctorate
    Planning to Transfer: Yes (Mason)
    Classes Completed: NUR 108/130 at Tidewater Community College (TCC)--we are being transferred back to DC; most electives, not sure yet if classes taken in the 1980s will count for HLT 141 & 250

    About me: I am a disability retired firefighter/medic Acting Captain from Arlington County after 23 years in EMS (bilateral total hip replacements); EMS Training Officer; ran treatment sector at Pentagon on 9/11; tried fitness field for a few years and it didn't workout--I missed medical; glad to be back caring for folks and administering meds again; 3 kids (high school, university--physics, grad school--mechanical engineering); elected liaison for my TCC Nursing class last semester; I usually win my test question challenges with the professors; however, stuggling as an old dog to learn new tricks--doing things the Nursing way IS NOT the same as doing things the EMS way; the age range @ TCC is from 18 to 56, and I'm used to being in class with folks as old as my kids; study groups can confuse me, so don't think I'm stuck-up if I don't participate, I'm probably just stuck; I am very big on teamwork and am always thinking about my classmates--go Lucky 13!
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    Name: Maria
    Years at NVCC: 1
    Joined the FBook Group: Yes
    Track: Traditional, but still waiting for the results of Momentum application.
    Career Goal: BSRN
    Planning to Transfer: Yes, Mason or VCU.
    Classes Completed: all the pre-reqs, plus some.

    About me:
    I am currently a stay at home mom to an adorable 3 year old. I wanted to be in the medical field when I was younger but "life" got in the way, hopefully this is my 2nd chance to go for it. Getting into this program was tough and I still think my getting in is pure luck! Congratulations to everyone and I hope we'll all have a wonderful year ahead of us.

    - has anyone asked if we can buy the package of textbooks and HESI bundle before the orientation? I don't want to be pressured into buying an expensive set, especially when a cheaper source might be available, just because we have barely a week to look for them elsewhere...
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    Name: Nathalia
    Years at NVCC: 2
    Joined the FBook Group: not yet
    Track: Traditional
    Career Goal: RN for now
    Planning to Transfer: Yes. where? Mason
    Classes Completed: all the pre-req plus some transfer courses from my previous university

    About me: I'm 23 y/o (but trust me I look very young. It's just very funny sometimes that people think that I'm 12 )I'm a wife, but not planning to have kids any time soon.
    I love gardening,cooking,baking. I'm very quiet, but if you know me,you'll be surprised.
    I went to a university in DC before I transfered to NOVA, but the university closed down before I get my degree.

    - I tried to join the NVCC Nursing class 2013, but I couldn't find it.
    can somebody give me a link to the page?

    -Is there any one here signing up for the CPR class at the MEC on July 19th?

    -the NUR 111 book is it really around $500?
    Can we buy the book online?

    I look forward to see you all at the orientation
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    Hi Genesis,

    thanks for your prompt response
    I really appreciated it.
    I hit the like button--I can see everyone's post,but can't write anything on the wall yet?
    Facebook is very weird lately.

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    hi nathalia,
    i'm trying to sign up for the 16th. however, i had issues with registering online. i've emailed them and i will get in touch with them tomorrow.
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    wait whyyyyyy are you guys going to the mec!!!? Go through INOVA it's 98.00 for the same training I just passed it on sunday! https://webcentaur.inova.org/weblink/clSc.do
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    It's too late now.
    I didn't know that at first.
    were you guys using the same book?
    BLS for health care provider?
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    awww man and its ok. Yes we used the same book as long as its American Heart Association its acceptable.
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    I've looked into the INOVA classes after reading through the FB pages. But despite being a bit more expensive, the MEC set-up is best for me. BTW, thank you for putting up the FB page ... very helpful indeed!