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    Hi, Can someone please tell me what is the starting salary for a new grad at UVA? I am going to an open house that they are having in Philadelphia next week.


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    I know they have a open house on the 19th at UVA but where is this open house in Philly?
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    It's at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
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    hey brooklynne... do u mind telling me the date and if the information is online.. I went to the open house in jan but i havent heard back from them even though they told me they were very interested. I wanted to go so that I could talk to them again and re iterate my interest. I think there starting pay is below 30/hr since their cost of living is very low. any other information about the open house would be highly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    nursingbabyJ, I just sent you an email.
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    I'm actually a new grad hoping to get on at UVA myself. I've worked there in the past in an office administrative role and it is a great place to work. I just wanted to comment however on the cost of living in Charlottesville. It is a university town and unfortunately it is not a "very low" cost of living. I guess this also depends on where you are moving from, but it ranks 105% against the cost of living across the country so it is slightly higher. I would recommend just taking a look at the cost of rent on the Charlottesville Craiglist housing section to give you a better idea of rent/housing costs. I absolutely LOVE Charlottesville so please don't get me wrong, just want you to be prepared to the fact that housing averages $900-1400/mo (respective to the apartment community) for a three bedroom apartment. Best of luck in your job search!
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    hey shelby--- thanks for letting me know the cost of living in charlottesville. I'm from philadelphia where I pay well over 1200 for a 600sq ft 1bedroom so I just ment that it would be a lot lower and a lot better value than philadelphia. I've been to charlottesville and UVA and I agree---- It would be a great place to work at and live!! Good luck at finding a job at UVA!
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    I wanted to work at UVA when I graduate Nursing School too so I called the Human Resource office at UVA and asked them what the new grad salary was and she said with NO experience just out of nursing school would be around 37,000. But, it would increase as you gain more experience.

    Hope this helps!
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    I have a friend that is travel nursing at UVA and she told me new grads start around $21.30.
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    Thank you so much everyone!!

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