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Im looking into starting a nursing program in Virginia. Has anyone out there been or is attending the Medical Careers Institute? Is it a good program that they run? My main question is - is the... Read More

  1. by   Sowinsis
    Thank you so much for your honest information. I feel sometimes recruiters are making pitches for their schools. This response seems like the real thing. I will be completing my application process. They said that they would take my A&P and Micro now that they are finally NLN accredited.
    I will keep everyone informed about my application process and just what really happens. I know that MCI has had a somewhat bad reputation. All I care about is completing a program and passing my NCLEX. I just spent 2 semesters in Bon Secours and the 101 Instructor treated us as if she hated her job. I expected to get that at a community college or MCI. Now it does not matter. You may have to teach the information to yourself, almost where ever you attend.
  2. by   stacynicole08
    I am only a few months away from graduating from MCI at the VA Beach campus. I can say that it is one of the hardest programs. It's much harder than my previous bachelor's program because it's like summer school for 15 months. Some of the pre-req's at the beginning of the program aren't too bad, but once you get into the core nursing classes, you better hope you have a great teacher! The teacher makes a all the difference in the world, because you have to learn the material in 5 weeks.

    I am thankful I got in so I could get through nursing school in a reasonable amount of time. Just be prepared to be stuck in the books the majority of the time. A normal week in a core nursing class is: 2-3 clinical days, 2-3 careplans (due in 48 hours), one test, and one quiz. Since there are only 4 tests in the 5 week period (one a week), you have to constantly be on top of it. It's stressful, but it can be done.

    Good luck!
  3. by   Sowinsis
    I am reporting from my financial aid meeting with MCI. I was given a financial aid report estimate. They did not go over my transcripts and see what would transfer. I was told to wait until the application process was complete and I could find out what classes they would accept upon accptance into the school. Cant wait that long to find out few will transfer. I am applying to a second school as a backup. I will also make sure they can hold onto their accreditation. I still am hoping they will be up front about their school without an agenda of momey and hidden costs.
  4. by   Sowinsis
    thanks so much! every bit of info really helps. i am prepared for the fast paced classes. now i know what to expect in the 45 weeks.
  5. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm also going to put a plug in for Riverside in Newport News. Total tuition is about 20 grand for the RN program, books and uniforms are not that bad either. Its the lone hospital based program left in the area, the others have gone to a BSN. What they do is make you come in with 1.5 years of pre-reqs and you finish up the degree. Sentara went this way and I think MCI is as well. BSN is great, but I was told that the Sentara program is not fully accredited yet and I would be asking that of the MCI folks as well.

    Riverside's students have an advantage to having the whole Riverside Medical system for their clinical time and they have priority. Local colleges and programs like MCI have to negotiate time for their students. Similar situation to the Sentara students on the southside. Don't downplay that advantage.

    I'm in the RN Evening/weekend program but there are also two full time day programs offered each year. E/W is 3 years and days is 2 years. NCLEX pass rate for the last class that sat was 100%. Folks that finish with an RN can go into one of several RN to BSN programs offered and can do that online if they like (you'll have had plenty of clinical time by that point). Good luck with your decision.
  6. by   Sowinsis
    thanks bob,
    i am in the process of appling to riverside. i just hope that they let me in. i was at another hosptial nursing school taking a full load, 2 classes, started a new parttime job, and the full time nursing program. i traveled 2 hrs to get to the program because i thought it was the only 2 day a week program around. i also took my cna. i did not make my 80% on my final and ended up with a "d" in second semester. i am not sure if riverside will let me in because i attended another nursing school and now i have an unsatisfactory. but i have a 3.0 in my prereq's. i will try!! that is the only reason i will have to go to mci.
  7. by   Sowinsis
    The prereq classes are not free. I know that you can test out and if you pass you pay $350.00, if you fail you just pay $150.00. Really read the schdule of classe fees when they give you one. I will attend a second financial aid meeting and see what price they really want from me. I just wish they did not have the hidden agenda of$$$. If they would be honest it would be better. In my particular case, they will take all my financial aid and make me get another loan to pay them even more cash since they are so overly money hungry.
  8. by   TAANDOHRN
    Good Luck with Riverside. I took am going to Riverside Lpn to RN program and I must say that I am very happy so far with the clinicals and what I have learned. There definetly is an advantage to attending a hospital based program. I have seen MCI students come in and waiting around for their instructor ( I was told the instructor is usually late). I am not knocking MCI because you have to do whatever works for you! However I am glad that my total for the RN bridge program will cost roughly $9000.00 instead of over $30,000.

    So with all that being said keep an open mind and do what is going to work for you!!
  9. by   kmit
    I'm a current RN student in Richmond. May be moving to the Newport News/Va Beach area and transferring. Can anyone tell me anything about the clinical experience there (sites, etc)? All we seem to be able to get is nursing home facilities. Would really appreciate any information. Thanks
  10. by   MrsTowens2006
    What ever you do please do not go to ECPI at all. First off they are expensive as hell. You will be force to pay the school one hundred dollars month to the school. Which they claim goes into your account. Which you can not even access the acount. So no ones knows what the money is being used for. Two you have to pay for your own tutoring if you need it. I was going for the LPN class and i had to take a math class before i even start the course. And my advisor had told me that if i get a c or better i will be able to start in Sept of 2011. Well when i got my grade, she then said that i needed to get an B or better. That is not what she had told me. Then you have to pay for the LPN or RN test. And i had a friend who was in the RN program and she could not even passed the test to be a RN and she was on the honor roll. If you are really thinking bout going to school for nursing, please look into Riverside School for health.. They cost a lot cheaper. I think it is it is about eleven thousand while ECPI was clost to thirty thousand. Please do your research before you decide on a school..... I hope i help you some.