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    i iwll start by saying it will cost you an arm and a leg. its about $26,000 per program. they told me that in order to go into rn, I had to have medical experience or go through the lpn program at another $26,000....

    As for the area...I live in Newport news, and youhave good areas and bad areas. You have to knwo where to live, btu overall, its got a lot of shopping, and is close to a lot of activities. I liek ti here, but I was born and raised here, so its hoem to me. People Iknwo who have moved here either love it or hate it.
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    any other replies PLEASE
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    hi, i go to mci in newport news, va, i like it, it is fast paced and a lil expensive,but i believe it will pay off in the end, if you want to go straight into Rn you do NOT have to go through lpn! dont let anyone tell you that! its nice, i like the instructors, they are willing to work with you, you just have to stay motivated and dedicated.
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    I fyou don't mind can I ask you few questions.
    How much is the tution?
    How much does a 2 br run down there?
    How far is Norfolk from the school?
    Do you know how much for rent in Norfolk?
    Do you work while going to school, and how do you make ti work?
    Are classes M-F, how about clinicals?
    Do you know anything about Sentra's program?

    Thank you in advance for any questions you can answer for me.:spin:
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    If you want to live in Norfolk, there are several nursing schools to choose from. If I were you, I would investigate all of them before making a decision.

    There is MCI in Virginia Beach (Newport News is another campus that is further away and not a good commute from Norfolk). The MCI program is very expensive and very intense, but it offers an Associate's Degree in about 15 months.

    TCC (Tidewater Community College) has an Associate's Degree program that takes 2 full years, but it is a lot cheaper. It is currently located in Portsmouth, but may be moving to Virginia Beach at some point. I'm not sure. Either one is reasonable commute from Norfolk.

    Norfolk State University, locate in Norfolk, also has an Associate's Degree program.

    There is also the Sentara School of Health Professions, located in both Portsmouth and Norfolk. They offer a Diploma program.

    Hampton University offers a BSN program in Virginia Beach. Their main campus is in Hampton, but their Virginia Beach campus has a large BSN program.

    Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, has a BSN program.

    If you are interested in living on the pennisula -- in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, etc. -- there are additional schools over there. Hampton University has a BSN program, Riverside Hospital has a Diploma Program, and Thomas Nelson Community College has an ADN program.

    West of Norfolk, in Franklin, Paul D. Camp Community College has an ADN program.

    I recommend that you visit all their websites and get the basic information about each school. Then decide which ones interest you most and where you want to live. That will help you narrow it down. Once you have it narrowed down to 2 or 3 schools, you should probably visit those schools and talk to them to find out the details that will enable you to pick the right program for you.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you both so much you have provided with with well appreciated ingo, and I will check these out.
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    i fyou don't mind can i ask you few questions.
    how much is the tution?
    how much does a 2 br run down there?
    how far is norfolk from the school?
    do you know how much for rent in norfolk?
    do you work while going to school, and how do you make ti work?
    are classes m-f, how about clinicals?
    do you know anything about sentra's program?

    ok hi, welcome i love this site, ok but anyways i started today the rn program, in newport news it is kinda pricey however worth the cost in long run at least for me education is investment in oneself. i have taken alot of the classes from hampton univeristy va beach bsn-rn program so i have transfer credits so hopefully will go part time. am very excited to start back up again.

    tuition i think is like 29k for the 15mth program covers books, uniforms ect.

    hmm i live in newport news but stay with family, however was looking at aptments and 2bed u can get $600 and up for good area

    norfolk well , not sure if u are familar with this area but hampton roads has this nice little tunnels which i hate, (1 reason for not going back to hamptonu) so on a good day will take like 20-30mins to norfolk if tunnel backed up get a snickers and 45mins

    ok do i work yes, full time i have to my job pays for my school so hav e no choice. i plan to go for the night program and work days will have no life but i feel it will pay off.

    i was told by advisor that either m-w-f for the classes i am taking, days not sure if its everyday or what but i know day classes were like 8am-2pm and nite5:30-10

    dont know bout clinicals but have done a little bit research and heard they are on sat for the night and weekend program.

    sorry no info on sentara hope this helps:spin:
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    Thank you also that was very helpful infomation. Are you saying that they have a weekend program or are you saying thaat the night class meets for clinicals at night and weekends
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    I think the night class meets m-thr or fri nights, and I forget when they told me clinicals were...I believe on weekends. teh schedule was incredibly overwhelming, so as a parent I decided ti was a bad idea to go that way. If you dotn have kids, and dotn care abotu havign a life, its fine though!!!

    And the lady there did tell me they wanted medical experience already or to go through the lpn program. Maybe she just was trying to get extra money for the program.

    Ive lived in this area my whole life. If i were you, i would try to avoid drivign to or from Norfolk to Newport news. If you do, always find out beforehand which is more backed up 64 or 664, and take the other way!!!

    As for housing- you ahve to be careful in thsi area. There are a lot of great areas a nd a lot of crappy ones. I wouldnt pay less than $8-900 for a 2 br. JMHO. back in 2001-2004 ish, we lived in a an apt and itwas around $700 for a 2 br and was pretty decent but still had its issues, and that was 3 years ago!. if you truly want to feel safe, I dont think $600 for a 2 br is going to offer you that.

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