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  1. Any current MCI Rn VA Beach students that would be willing to share their admissions process? I have just completed chem, algebra, and computers with all As, and i scored decent on my TEAS test. Not knowing if im in yet is driving me crazy, and i believe im not supposed to know for another 3 weeks.

    thankyou in advance to anyone that responds
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  3. by   TheCareerStudent

    I am an RN student @ the Newport News location. We have a lot of students who are in the same situation as you and still did not get accepted down there. I have been told they have double the applicants at the VA Beach location so it is EXTREMELY competitive. Three of my classmates drive from VA Beach to here for class everyday, which with the HRBT sucks. Two of them are late just about every day, once we get into the Nursing Core classes I have been told that will not fly. The other girl leaves her house at 5:30 and gets to school early, I study with her every morning. They are on the waiting list to transfer to the VA Beach campus when there is an opening. They were told that waiting list is long by their advisers down there.

    NN campus is always an option if you don't get in. Hope that helps!
  4. by   JoyElizabeth
    Thank you!
    I was told that there are 129 applicants, but it might lower a bit after this next chemistry and algebra class go through.
    May i ask how you did in your pre-req classes and teas?
    I hate that i just dont know where i stand
  5. by   TheCareerStudent
    No problem!

    129 applicants is not too bad. We have 60 spots, 30 on days and 30 on nights, up at my campus. I was told that the interviews with the DON are formal at your campus, so be prepared. Ours were very informal because our DON is that type of lady. Very personable. But I still wore a business suit, carried a portfolio, and had questions prepared.

    Well my TEAS I did great on, except for science. The only pre-req I had to do was Chemistry and I got an A. I have a prior degree so college is something I am pretty used too at this point.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  6. by   JoyElizabeth
    I got in! Im so excited!
    Thanks for all your help! I feel bad for all the girls that i had classes with that didnt make it
    But, Im so excited to start the program and to start my nursing career.
    When do you graduate?