Marymount Fall 2010

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    Is anyone applying to the Marymount University (Arlington, VA) 16 month accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010? I'd love to meet other students!

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    I will be applying. I plan to wrap up my application this weekend. I'm really unsure after reading around on this site about Northern VA nursing programs... what other schools are you applying to? Also, I feel that Marymount's website isn't very informative. Did you attend an information session at all?

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    I'm also applying to Georgetown, GWU, Maryland, and a small school in Massachusetts. Marymount seems to be one of the less expensive programs. I also would love to live in Arlington next year - lots of restaurants, nightlife and culture. I haven't been to an info session, but I have been researching the school, and I know they have Sigma Theta Tau and National Student Nurses Association, which is awesome. I also know there are some $7,500 scholarships available for students who agree to work at Inova Fairfax for a few years.

    I don't know too too much about the school, but so far, so good. I think if I'm accepted here, and don't get into a cheaper school I will definitely go.
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    I am applying to Marymount too. I am also applying to Georgetown, GW, and Shenandoah. I have not been able to find very much info on any of the programs. The responses about Marymount seem to very a lot on here.
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    Varied as in...?

    Are you seeing a lot of negative reviews?
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    I have seen positive and negative reviews on here. Some people say it's not very well organized and some people say they really like it. But I guess that's true of any program. You are always going to have people that like it and some that don't. I wish Marymount had an information session. GW had one and it was very helpful.
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    I am applying/applied to GMU, Georgetown, GW, Shenandoah, Marymount and NVCC (as a super back up). I live in Arlington now and really like it.. it's a whole lot cheaper than living in DC [I]but[I] it's still pretty expensive depending how close you are to the metro lines. Every time I call Marymount about my application and just to make sure things are where they need to be I get told I need to take some exam yada yada, and then after about 30 mins of going back and forth that I already hold a BS they tell me I can speak to some advisor and possibly get the test waved.. pretty confusing. I know from their site they say if you have a BS then you're waived from the TEAS or other test they require.

    Where did you find out the scholarship info with INOVA hospitals - I'm very interested in that. I have to quit my job come August so any money I can get for the next year or so would be so helpful. I know Georgetown has an 80% tuition with their hospital but I've also read that it only accepts x amount of people and is pretty competitive as well. I am leaning towards the cheapest program.
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    I saw the scholarship on the INOVA website, and I also read in a nursing magazine about a few Marymount students that recieved it. Like many other scholarships, you can only apply for it when you're nearing your senior year of your BSN program.

    As far organization goes, I feel like the Marymount staff has been more than helpful. I feel like you just have to be proactive with your application and the staff will be there to help you if you have any questions.

    I know that if you're appling to the BSN program at Marymount, and your GPA is below a 2.8, you have to register for the TEAS. That's probably the test the staff was telling you about. On the website it says that the exam is $35 dollars, and the next available test date is Feb. 12th. If you're serious about going to Marymount, I advise that you register for the test ASAP, as the first review deadline is a few days after the February TEAS date.

    You said you're applying to GMU. If I'm not mistaken, all GMU applicants had to take the TEAS. If this is correct, you could simply have your scores forwarded.

    Just out of curiousity, where in Arlington do you currently live? I've been researching apartments there (I think I have my heart set on Marymount at this point) and I think I'd want to live in the Clarendon neighborhood. However, it seems the cheapest apartments are on Columbia Pike. What neighborhood is Marymount located in?

    Also, what's your educational background? I am currently a senior chemistry major at the University of Maryland.
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    Georgetown's scholarship is with the Washington Hospital Center not their hospital. If you agree to work for the WHC for 3 years they pay 80% of your tuition. Most people that get accepted to Georgetown also get accepted into the WHC program. The problem for me is I am going into pediatrics and WHC does not have pediatrics since it is next to Childrens. I wish the program was with Georgetown Hospital because I really like their peds unit. I am going to have to quite my job in August as well.
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    Yea, I think I was just talking to students working in the admissions office. My BS GPA does not require a TEAS test and yes I took it for GMU. Just makes me nervous already having my application in and then thinking I am missing something that is required yada yada.

    I live in VA Square area off Wilson Blvd. The best places to live in Arlington are along Wilson or Clarendon Blvd. Those are the 2 main roads that run through the main parts of the city.. keep in mind Arlington is VERY small. Last year I lived off of S Glebe Rd (also a good street if itís N Glebe) which is near Columbia Pike. Yes, those areas are much cheaper in rent but you are also further from the restaurants and Marymount. It would require you to drive to school opposed to either walking or metroing 1 or 2 stops. If you are curious about any spots in Arlington def let me know and I can try and help you out!

    I have my BS in Psychology from GMU. I graduated in 08 and have been working in govt consulting (until Aug when I quit for full time school). I worked as a research analyst right out of college for a while and realized that I really didnít like it.. one of the reasons why Iím going back to school for nursing.

    Gkvegan Ė I also am thinking of peds or possibly the NICU. I guess Iíll have to see where I get in and what my options are.

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