Marymount Accelerated Fall 2011

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    Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011?
    Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ?
    Thank you

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    I receieved my acceptance yesterday from MU's ABSN 3/7/2011, now I am waiting for another letter to decide which school I will go to. I am in WA state so I would have to move my young family to DC for MU, while I can go to another school locally if accepted. Pros of MU ABSN: Shorter program... that's all I can think of. Cons: Far away, expensive, cost of living/accomodations is high...
    Does anyone reccommend the program or know about cheap places to rent/live?
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    @crucial: did you receive your letter via email, regular mail or by phone?
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    I haven't heard back yet, but I also haven't checked my mailbox in a few days. I'm so antsy and just want to hear back!
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    I heard through regular mail
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    Great! Thanks! I called today because I was antsy and I got a funny letter from the Financial Aid office that told me to follow up with admissions....

    I learned that there are three reviews within first review date. Basically, some applications have been reviewed and some have not been reviewed. If you got your application in on time for the March 11 review, you'll be hearing sometime in the next two weeks or so as they review the applications. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions or if this confusing!
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    Has anyone else been accepted?
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    I have been accepted as well. I just need to get intouch with other students and read/see what they did/ where they went to rent. The off campus spots at MU are expensive but if it comes down to that then I guess I'll have to deal with that!
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    Congratulations on being accepted! Just curious, did you apply anywhere else? What made you decide on MU?

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