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Anyone heard from Marymount for Fall 2011? Also those already in the program, how did you do for housing/ renting ? Thank you... Read More

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    Let's discuss the quality of Marymount BSN Program. I have received admission there. Does everyone agree that it's a decent program? I'm waiting to hear from GMU as well. I have heard it's even more stressful. I'm a mom of five (twin 14 year olds still at home) so stress is not what I'm after. I understand that it is a rigorous schedule, however.

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    IMHO it's a good program. The NCLEX pass rate is high and the 16 months go by quickly. I couldn't imagine fitting all the information into 12 months. Doing it in 16 was very demanding.
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    Quote from YvonneABSN11
    @mustudentnurse I saw your earlier post about your room opening but I don't think I'll be able to move in that early either

    Thanks so much btw for your answers to the questions from the other group members! I was also wondering, as a fellow Californian, how did you like Northern VA?

    Also, I've heard some mixed rumors about job opportunities in VA, have you been able to find a job?
    Hey--- I love NOVA --- itís a LOT different, but I have definitely enjoyed the experience. They actually have SEASONS here which is what I mostly wanted to experience. DC is not far as at all and there is plenty to see (monuments, hiking, museums, trails, etc). I brought a car out here and Iím glad I did, but you can get most places via the metro. Itís not cheap out here, but I guess itís pretty comparable to CA.

    And jobs --- I have yet to find one. Iíll be working with a family that has a baby that needs full-time care at their house which I think will be a great transitional job....but getting jobs in the actual hospital around here is difficult. Of about 90 of us, 5-8 people maybe have jobs in line. However, a lot of hospitals wonít look at you until you have your license. We should be taking the boards in the beginning of if I canít find a job soon after that, Iíll start worrying. There is definitely a need for nurses, itís just a bad time economically which makes hospitals deal with the staffing they have which makes any opening very competitive. However, it is expected that everyone in the program will have a job by 6 months out of the program (a little long, if you ask me...but better than no job everrrrr. )
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    Quote from Crucial
    @mustudentnurse- since the ABSN is for students that already have a BS/BA, how would you compare the workload and subject matter of the ABSN compared to your workload etc from undergraduate school? Does any of you rclassmates work part time during the program? Thanks for your helpful advice and opinions, it's nice to have a place to hear what we're getting into.
    @Crucial: My undergraduate degree mindset was very very different from my ABSN mindset. However, If I were to compare the 2 as far as workload, the ABSN is much more intense, especially the 1st and 4th semesters. 1st is hard academically and because itís new...and 4th because itís BUSY. People have worked during the program and have survived, but theyíll tell you a million times not to. I, personally, didnít do much outside of occasional babysitting. I would suggest not getting a job for the 1st semester, or if you do have a job, to take a month off because the way nursing school works is very different and you need to get a good grasp of it before having anything else on your plate.
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    I have recently been accpeted to MU's Accelerated Program (Fall 2011). I am trying to compare a bunch of school's to I am can mail a deposit and I am really stuck between MU and Drexel. Would you recommend MU program? Did you find the program to be organized? How helpful were your professors? Are there Exit Exam's for each course? (I have heard that Drexel has "HESI" Exit Exam's that "A" Students fail.) Any in sight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to decide between Marymount and Georgetown. Couple questions...

    1) Without the WHC scholarship, I'm thinking Georgetown is way to steep, but they did impress me with their simulation facilities. I haven't been over to Marymount yet, but can somebody talk about the new building, any simulation facilities/robots they have?

    2) Is the job outlook seeming any more promising for those currently in the program? Georgetown grads seem like they do very well with placement, an earlier post indicating only 8-9 people in the latest graduating class had jobs is kind of concerning to me.

    3) How much is the total tuition for Marymount - is abotu $48K accurate? Did those in the program primarily have subsidized loans, unsubsidized or private? Have you worked out what your weekly loan payment would be? I'm terrified of paying like $800 per month on top of my mortgage.

    4) What other loan reimbursement programs with local DC/VA/MD hospitals do you know of?

    Thanks in advance!
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    What is the best 1st semester clinical rotation from the following options?
    Tuesdays Holy Cross Hospital
    Fridays Reston Hospital Center
    Tuesdays Reston Hospital Center
    Tuesdays Holy Cross Hospital
    Wednesdays Virginia Hospital Center
    Fridays Holy Cross Hospital
    Mondays Virginia Hospital Center
    Wednesdays Reston Hospital Center

    Being from the West coast, I have no idea about any of these hospitals and was hoping someone from the most recent ABSN could offer their opinion about which clinical would be best.
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    hey everyone! i applied back in march to MU ABSN and i am STILL waiting to hear. my application has been put on hold twice because i'm in the process of taking prereqs, and will have to take more over the summer. has this happened to anyone else? does anyone know when we will EVER know!?
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    Hey all!

    I was accepted to the program a couple months ago and am very excited!

    Are there summer classes with this program?

    Also I am moving from Vermont to go down there so am looking for a place and roommates and if anyone else is and would like to team up please let me know!
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    Hi everyone!

    First of all, I'm in my third semester at Marymount, and so far, it's been great! The tuition is very expensive, so that's definitely a downside, but Marymount seems to have a pretty good reputation in the clinical area (a lot of the nurse managers have told us how much they love us!) There are definitely some organizational problems/ class scheduling issues, but I feel like that's a given for a small University. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions!
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