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LPN program in Hampton Roads?

  1. 0 I would love to hear where you went and how it was! I am at TCC right now working on my nursing prerequisites. I have looked at Riverside and liked it a lot, many of the other programs I have seen listed are no longer offerred. Plus I like that Riverside is willing to hire new LPN's from the program.
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    I have since found a few vocational schools/Adult learning centers locally too...so many choices
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    Good morning! I would suggest going to a vocational school. One it's cheaper and two you can get in done in 18 mths. I personally went through Hampton's vocational school (LPN program has been closed since 2011 due to low NCLEX pass rates). Norfolk votech has one however application deadline is over. Try Va Beach Vocational or Chesapeake. They offer daytime classes. If you need additional information go to their websites. Good luck!

    Stephanie E, LPN
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    Do they take financial aid? I have a pell grant.
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    I went and checked out the Norfolk site today, such nice people! I found out they do take financial aid, and I have filled out my application! I figure we all take the sams NCLEX, why should I drag my family down in serious debt for the same end result? Looked at MCI, $35,000 for their LPN program.
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    nofolk vo tech! the best LPN education ever. I love the instructors and director!!!
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    Thank you tko86! How many people graduated with you? I am putting together my application as I type this. Working on my essay now!
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    Well u kno younare mixed in with high school students so majority of them dont take it seriously. You will stsrt off going ebery other day since younade mixed in with high schoolers, the classes are so big. The second part of tje program is when tjings get serious lol. There was about 25 ppl in my class, majority of them high schoolers. 11 ppl graduated from my class. Some failed and some dropped out. Inalso believed the school has maintained 100% pass rate on nclex
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    Where did you do your clinical's? Did you have a cap ceremony? Was it a diverse class? I am leaning more towards the Norfolk school, I think the hours will work best for my family.
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    Clinical sites were pretty good. We went to Portsmouth naval, maryview, children's harbor, sentara Norfolk general, lake Taylor, that's all I can remember lol. We had a pinning ceremony, and we had a very diverse class.
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    Thanks tko86! My application is in at the Norfolk location and I take my TEAS V on April 11th.
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    TEAS V is DONE! Now I wait for my interview appointment and hopefully and acceptance letter!
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    Good luck ...im puttin app in for riverside as well