LPN Accredited Schools in Virginia

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    Hi ,
    My name is Stephanie and I am an aspiring LPN student, and I am looking for an Accredited LPN School in the DC/VA Metro Area. Does any one know any schools that are accredited that are in the Va Metro Area. I looked at the Ultimate School. Does anyone know if it is a good school and whether or not it is accredited or not? Any information would be helpful.

    Future NICU/PED Nurse

    Stephanie A.

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    Hi Stephanie! A good place to start is the Virginia Board of Nursing website:


    They do have a list of approved programs on the site. Best of luck to you!
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    Global Health Nursing Training Services is accredited in VA for LPN. I am starting in January it is a full time program for 12months. Classes are Mon-Thur 8am to 2pm . The program is 11,000, however they currently have financial aid.....I went to the August orientation it was very organized the school is run by a NP. Who teaches most of the classes.
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    Hi Stephanie,

    I am also looking for a school. Has anyone heard of National School of Nursing and Allied Health in Woodbridge Va or Professional Health Care Inc in Woodbridge. Are they any good? Cost? Accredited?
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    Im looking a weekend course has anybody heard of National school of nursing in Woodbridge or Virginia school of nursing in Springfield? Bad and good comments pls



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