ISU Lpn to RN BSN program students from VA?

  1. I am a current LPN looking to get my RN. I was doing Excelsior's program but due to changes by the BON I am switching to ISU and getting my BSN. As part of the ISU program you have to set up local clinicals with a preceptor. I was wondering if anyone else has done/is doing this program and if so how and where did you set up clinicals? It will probably be a year or two before I am ready for that part, but I want to be ready ahead of time. Thanks in advance! Oh and I am in the Hampton Roads region of VA for reference.

    *MODS please don't move this thread as it applies to specifically to VA residents even though it is about a distant learning program*
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I thought that ISU would assist with getting those set up, but I could be wrong.

    I just wanted to wish you good luck! It's great that you didn't give up after our BON closed the Excelsior door.
  4. by   Shimmergirl
    Thanks for the well wishes. ISU told me that I have to provide them with a name and contact number for a person to do clinicals with, and then they negotiate a contract for me, then I arrange the specific times/dates. I was just hoping someone else had already done the program and had a clinical site already set up near me that I could use as a spring board. I guess I will work it out when the time comes.
  5. by   toicole
    On the ISU website there is a list of preceptors, one of which I believe is in the 757. Scroll down the list there are a couple from VA, but one I remember in your area. Good Luck! How long will it take before you are finished?
  6. by   tifsan
    Hi Shimmergirl. How is ISU? I'm from the 757 also and I'm interested in this program. Please give me some feedback! Thanks