Is there anyone accepted to Lynchburg College Accelerated Nursing Program.

  1. Hi eveyone,

    I am a old pro to this all nurses thing. I recently was accepted to Lynchburg Colleges
    Accelerated nursing program. I applied and didn't get into VCU's AMSN program. So this is my backup, and it worked out so.... I was wondering if there was anyone else out there waiting to start.

    Looking forward to chatting.

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  3. by   bsfrye
    Hi there,

    I have recently been considering the accelerated BSN program at Lynchburg. Congratulations on your acceptance! Would you mind providing some of your background and stats, I'm very worried about my undergraduate GPA being too low for admission. Thanks again!
  4. by   mas28
    Thanks bsfrye, and I don't mind sharing my stats at all. As you know from considering Lynchburg College, they require at least a 3.0 for undergrad and prerequisite gpa. They require stat, a&p I and II, nutrition, chem of life, and developmental psych. So I had all A's in and a B in my preq's. I received a B in statistics. My prereq gpa was a 3.8, but my undergrad gpa was a 3.14. So don't count yourself out if you undergrad gpa isn't the best. I think like most nursing schools, they look at your sciences and prereq gpa. Because really, they don't care what you got in economics or english 111, otherwise they wouldn't put specific prereqs for prosepective students.

    The deadline for May 2013 is April 1st for the program. It's a new program and the first time they are doing it. It's a 2.5 year BSN program for people like us with a BS already.

    If there are any other questions you have, please feel free to let me know. If I don't know already, I can definately find out for you.

    Good Luck bsfrye,


    p.s Oh my background is surgery. I have been a surgical first assistant for the past 4 years.
  5. by   kieri310
    Hi mas28! I too was accepted into the accelerated nursing program and leaning toward going there! Have you decided on whether or not to accept the offer from them?!
  6. by   mas28
    Quote from kieri310
    Hi mas28! I too was accepted into the accelerated nursing program and leaning toward going there! Have you decided on whether or not to accept the offer from them?!
    Hi Kieri310,

    Yes, I have decided to go to LC. I'm looking forward to it. I'm very excited. I hear its a thorough, yet tough program, but I'm up for the challenge. Have you decided to go?
  7. by   Mvknight05
    Just got accepted wanted to see how you are liking it!!?
  8. by   mas28
    Oh my its been a long time since I've been on this site! I had to blow off the dust bunnies. LOL! I've been busy with nursing school. I like the program, its a tough program. So worth it. I did the accelerated program so I'm getting my bsn in two years. I started summer of May 2013, and now I'm finishing up junior year technically. So when you start, I will be a senior. Cant wait. I graduate May 2015! Yeah !!!! I've learned a lot. Its a tough tough program. You'll love it and hate it at times. Be positive, study hard, and be succesful. Nursing school is really as hard as they say it is!. I work and have a family, so if I can do it, so can you. Good luck. Inbox me for any questions and welcome to LC nursing!

    P. S. What entry route are you accepted to? Traditional or Accelerated? If accelerated, what's your previous degree in?
  9. by   Mvknight05
    I know, it's awesome they send email notifications! I'm in the accelerated program also!! I have a degree in Italian! Odd I know �� I also have a family two kids and a husband but won't be working. good to know its a great program and how rough it's going to be but I'm excited!
  10. by   opx322
    Is the program really two years?

    I just found out about this program and supposedly the deadline is May 31 for the fall semester. I'm not sure if that means May 31 of the year prior to the fall semester you wish you start or May 31 of the fall semester of the year you wish to start

    I'll be calling tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some answers
  11. by   Mvknight05
    Hi! May 31 is for the regular BSN program I think but the accelerated program begins in May. But either way go for it and good luck!
  12. by   mas28
    Hey opx322,

    I know people in my cohort who were accepted mid April so it may not be too late. However as the program gets increasingly popular, deadlines and things may change. My class is the first accelerated class they have ever had. I would still call and follow up. And yes the May 31 deadline is for the traditional route. Feel free to ask anymore questions.

    Good luck!
  13. by   opx322
    What was the estimated tuition cost?
  14. by   Mvknight05
    I think it's around $27k for the two years.