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I am confused

  1. 0 [font="verdana"]i just applied for lic endorsement with va and when ichecked my application status it is active with lic # but when i went to vabonto look up my lic it stated "no match for your search" does this mean that i dont have yet my lic active?
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    Are you asking this because you have a criminal hx?
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    no I dont , I am licensed from MD so I applied with VA to get my Lic since I moved to VA. when I call the elctronic NMBR they stated I have my lic active but when I checked with VA NO Lic.
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    O.k., I see. You had posted in the Criminal Hx forum, so I've moved it to the VA state forum so you can get replies.

    You may just need to contact the VA state board in order to get the information you need. Or, just check again on the website to verify.
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    Board of Nursing, Email: nursebd@dhp.virginia.gov

    License lookup: https://secure01.virginiainteractive...h_publicdb.cgi

    Virginia Board of Nursing
    Department of Health Professions
    Perimeter Center
    9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
    Henrico, Virginia 23233
    Phone: (804) 367-4515
    Fax: (804) 527-4455
    Website: www.dhp.virginia.gov/nursing
    Contact Person: Jay Douglas, MSM, RN, CSAC, Executive Director
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    yeah I got it, thank you
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    When you applied for licensure in Virginia, what address did you use on the application? Virginia and Maryland are both members of the Nursing Licensure Compact. If you applied for applied for licensure by endorsement in Virginia, using a Maryland address and nursing license, they will not issue you a license.

    As long as you maintain residency in Maryland, you can work in Virginia using your Maryland license. If you have relocated to Virginia, then you will need to apply for licensure by endorsement. After you receive your Virginia license, your Maryland license will be inactivated as you can only hold one multi-state license.
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    thank you, I got VA Lic, and my MD Lic is still active