Hampton University Fall 2012 hopefuls?

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    Just wondering if anyone heard from Hampton University yet for the accelerated BSN program. I hate the waiting process, I was told it takes 3-4 weeks to process our applications and it has been 6 weeks now (March 1st was deadline)
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    Have you heard anything yet? I am applying to this program for the spring start and was wondering if you have any feedback/suggestions? Thanks!
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    nope!! Not yet!! Hopefully I get in and if not I will apply again for the spring start good luck to you.
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    Hello, I received my acceptance package today for Fall 2012. I'm excited and nervous. I would love to connect with other aspiring students!
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    I will be applying for the Spring start also I have most of my prerequisites done at TCC. Does anyone know if they accept US history in place of World Civilization?
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    Congrats!!! I have not received anything yet....I am getting a little anxious!!
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    hi i am taylor and also staring at VB. i am interested in speaking wth you. what are you doing for housing? i am visiting this week and would enjoy chatting and sharing interest. i am also excited but nervous. Please contact me , I would like to find a roommate. please text me at my cell 860-329-3729.

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    Sorry for such a late reply but thank you.
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    Hey Taylor. You can email me at sokpheapdowner@yahoo.com. I actually live in VB with my husband and our great dane in a one bedroom apartment. Wish I could help you with finding a roommate. Keep in touch.
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    I currently attend the COVB and had to take history over because they only except world civ. they also make you take a computer class over that I took at tcc. As for the biology / anatomy class they are so much easier to take at COVB then tcc hope this helps.