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Hi all! New member here. :wavey: Since the only threads I see about GMU are from previous admissions cycles, I thought I'd start a new one for Fall 2013. The deadline just past... so who applied for this cycle? April can't... Read More

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    Congratulations SuzyQ! We may end up being classmates. I just need to choose between GMU and Marymount... within the next week!

    sKris - Any words of advice? With 4 months left before graduation, do you (and your classmates) feel prepared to tackle nursing on your own?

    Also, I'm curious about GMU's nursing lab facilities. I'm already familiar with the campus as a whole, but never went on an official tour offered through the School of Nursing; other DC area schools took applicants on a tour after the information session.

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    Thank you! I'm hoping this thread gets responses from other applicants soon (stop!

    Good luck everyone - we'll all be in nursing school SOMEWHERE this fall. Keep those fingers crossed.
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    There is a preview including the lab facilities on April 21st from 10:30-2:00. I'm sure you could call the nursing office for more info.

    Good luck with your decision and let me know if you have specific questions.
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    Quote from sKris
    There is a preview including the lab facilities on April 21st from 10:30-2:00. I'm sure you could call the nursing office for more info.

    Good luck with your decision and let me know if you have specific questions.
    sKris, do you know if this is something applicants/accepted students have to register for, or can we just show up?

    I'm still waiting on the letter from transfer admissions. I wonder what's taking so long, considering I got everything is way before the deadline. Anyone else receive an acceptance letter from the nursing school, but still waiting for a decision from the university? I wanna put down my deposit! lol
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    Call the nursing office. 703-993-1926. The administrative assistant is super nice and helpful and will either answer your questions or get you to the right person.
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    Thanks for the info! I'll give them a call tomorrow.
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    I applied to GMU back in the fall so that might explain why I already got my letter. Are we required to attend the transfer orientation (general not geared towards BSN students)? I know they said they will be communicating with everyone via email. I am curious to see when we will hear from the Dept. next. Anyone else out there??? Saleisha-good luck on your decision.
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    sKris-do you know how soon the Nursing Dept communicates with students? I sent my signed acceptance letter certified mail so I am pretty sure they got it...I am just anxious to hear that they indeed did receive it . Do we get to enroll in classes at the transfer student orientation? is there any benefit to attending it sooner rather than later?
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    Communication is not their strong suit. I'd expect some general info in the next few weeks, but don't expect to know clinical site placements and stuff until a week or two before the semester starts. I'd also hold off on buying books for a little while because both semesters they changed a book on us after the initial list. Also some books weren't really necessary. If you have any specific questions Margret is very friendly and helpful. I'm also happy to answer what I can. Try to enjoy the next few months--the craziness will come soon enough.
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    Hey All!

    I also have been accepted to the BSN program!! (phew!) I figure this is a great way to stay in touch with future classmates and help communicate before classes start. I actually called the nursing admissions office yesterday to confirm receipt of my signed contract, so if you're paranoid like me just give them a call and they'll let you know! I also asked about orientation because I wasn't sure if there was a separate nursing orientation aside for just transfer students; apparently there is not one specifically for nursing. You just need to attend George Mason's generic orientation (in my case transfer). They offer day and evening sessions for transfers; last I checked there is only one date available in May so far. There should be others throughout the Summer, but I think I might wait to get my immunization records in line first before I go to orientation. Congrats to all who have been accepted! I look forward to hopefully meeting y'all soon

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