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Hi all! New member here. :wavey: Since the only threads I see about GMU are from previous admissions cycles, I thought I'd start a new one for Fall 2013. The deadline just past... so who applied for this cycle? April can't... Read More

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    Quote from SuzyQ2011
    Do we need white lab coats as part of the uniform? I thought I had read that somewhere before and now per website, it seems we only need the scrubs (green top, khaki pants) or am I missing something?
    I'm sure you have figured this out, but you can also wear the red scrub top to lab as well, as long as INOVA still requires that.

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    Quote from HokieNurse21
    I thought I would help sKris out with replies (I want to know who you are sKris!!). Most of us that graduated in Aug. 2013 have taken NCLEX and passed. I only know of one person that did not pass, and it was because of not studying. The NCLEX from my experience is a beast separate from nursing school. I took the Kaplan prep class, and the "Decision Tree" way of thinking was helpful as well as the billion NCLEX questions you have to practice. It was not so much focused on content, but HOW to take the test. As you guys get closer I can elaborate more.

    Job search: harder in NOVA. Friends that have moved back home outside of VA are having great luck. I did get an interview and I am awaiting a job offer from the place I had my preceptorship (the last capstone clinical in the summer). So I believe it is extremely important to try and get the preceptorship placement you want, BUT do it in a respectful and professional way. We had students that were not doing that, and that is not cool.

    Let us know if you have other questions.
    How are students placed in preceptorship? Do you pick areas you want/do not want? Do they try to honor requests or do they place students based on experience, GPA, etc?
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    We filled out a paper listing our first choice area and our least favorite area. Not everyone will get what they want, for example last year they had a total of 4 peds spots and many more requests. Instructor input is heavily weighed along with grades.
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    I do not know where I will end up, but I am taking pre-reqs for GMU and SU. Hoping to get in in Fall 2015. I know we are all different with regard to how much studying we need to understand the material, but can someone tell me what a typical day is like. Do you stay in school for hours after class? How frequently? How late?
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    I am starting the program in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone had books or uniforms for sale. I thought here (or the 2014 page) would be a good place to facilitate sales.

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