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Confused by schools in VA

  1. 0 Hello all! I moved to Va about a year ago from Fla and am a LPN. In the state of Florida the LPN to RN bridge is offered at almost every college and even universities such as UF and USF. While there I qualified for such a program, but life didn't allow the time or cash for it. Just the other day I found out the VA will not recognize my previous education at all and I will have to take the complete program. Has anyone else encountered this and if so what did you do? I am afraid that I will have to bite the bullet and do it, or just move back to Florida to get my degree (that would be a pain!). Thank you in advance for any tips!
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    Many schools have lpn to adn or Rn in va. They do not honor the credits, just your license. I know many lpns that have done bridge programs in virginia. I believe norfolk state, ODU, and Hampton U have them. I'm not sure about communities colleges.
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    I know some Community Colleges in Virginia offer LPN-ADN programs. Have you actually talked with schools or are you just trying to interpret websites, etc.?
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    My understanding the VA BON has stopped the LPN to RN bridge at JTCC. I think the reason is something like the program was not up to code for the state. I heard this from a person who is attending the school.