Cheapest school in Hampton Roads

  1. I am looking to get my associates degree in nursing, but I am older, married with 3 kids, so I need to do it as cheap as possible! Are there any coupons for college? :wink2:
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Looking at the website for Tidewater Community college, tuition/fees looks to $101/credit. It is about $90/credit at Thomas Nelson CC. These look to be the cheapest ADN programs in Hampton Roads. Norfolk State also offers both a BSN and ADN, but their tuition looks to be higher.

    Community colleges also have financial aid (scholarships, loans that can be cancelled if you became a RN in certain areas, etc). Definitely ask the schools about aid possibilities for you.

    Good luck
  4. by   HeatherMax
    Thanks! I read MCI was $40,000.00 and it freaked me out!
  5. by   NachoMomma
    TCC and TNCC are less expensive and have great programs! The biggest disadvantage for my situation was time. It takes almost a full year (maybe longer if you don't take full loads) to complete prereqs (although I have completed most prereqs already), but they also have huge waiting lists. We're military (like most people I've met in Hampton Roads) and we're moving before I'd have the chance to complete the program there - and that's hoping that my name would be one on the top of the list. I volunteered with someone that had a 3.6 GPA and was volunteering and had her CNA and was still waiting to get into TCC. Don't let that discourage you - everyone has their prioritites and my priority was TIME and that's why I was so drawn to MCI. (I'm sure in a few months I'll be telling everyone that the pace and speed of the program is the worst attribute!)
  6. by   HeatherMax
    We are Military too, did MCI offer any good financial aid or grants? Time in location has been what has prevented me in the past to finish my schooling. Also do they accept transfer credits? I have already completed English 101 (College Writing), PSY 202 (Child Psyc), College Algebra 1 and 2...
  7. by   NachoMomma
    MCI offers the same federal financial aid that other schools have (fill out the fafsa and see what you get- some get pell or other grants). They do have a few scholarships, but they're only for $1000. We didn't qualify for grants, but took out the stafford loan. I also got a small personal loan through wells fargo to help with the difference. If you're military, do you qualify with the new gi bill? My husband is going to transfer part of it for me to use when it's available in August. There's a big article about it in the newest Navy Times.

    And- yes- they do accept transfer credits. Your math should transfer as the prereq. Psych and English are in the curriculum after being accepted and most are transferred in- but some have said that if they're too old they may not transfer. You can also transfer in Chemistry, Computer Applications, Sociology, and Nutrition. Chem, Comp Apps, and Math are the prereqs. If you don't have them, they're only five weeks long and are free at MCI if you go into the RN program (if you transfer out or drop out, then you'll have to pay for them).

    Let me know if you have any more questions! I know a few people from my class are on here and someone else may have more to say!
  8. by   iluvmysailor
    When I filled out paperwork to start, my tuition was only $30,000 not $40,000.

    I'm still looking at TCC. I'm taking sociology online and applying for next year. I was trying for MCI in Jan. I was told I was in and then they called and said my chemistry didn't transfer after all. I haven't made up my mind on what to do yet. I want to go to MCI because it's fast and the wait isn't as long. But I feel a little screwed over by them. Maybe it was a blessing and I'm supposed to go to TCC any way.
  9. by   HeatherMax
    I went to MCI today to check it out. The grand total for me to attend the RN program would be $34,825. I am worried about the cost, but I am not going to rule them out just yet. I need to get my financial aid, grant, scholarship and blood donation paperwork finished and sent off. I also need to figure out what the heck to do with my kids. If I can pull this off, I should get a "A" for organization.
  10. by   VA Angler
    I just started at MCI, and I have a similar family situation, but not military. I did the math. it is about 33k for MCI...but you are out 1yr quicker. What is your salary now? If you make 25k now, and probably 50k after you get the RN, it is a net gain of 25k for one year. If the other school is 25k less than MCI, go for it....but I assure you It's not. I looked into other programs- and I had alot of plusses going for me:
    31yo/ married
    3.6gpa at TNCC/Germanna

    after a year wait, and a year more school, it would COST me money to go somewhere else. Also, the student loans are deferred and are only about 300/mo AFTER graduation. And some employers will pay them off (at least in part) as a signing bonus.

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   AprilNK
    I know that you said that you were looking for an associate degree but I would really recommend Sentara's School of Health Profession. That's where I am going and will be graduating in Summer 2010. We are also military and I totally understand the time constraints and juggling family life with school obligations. But Sentara's instructors are very approachable and family friendly. It is a strenuous program but we are making it. It's also pretty reasonable. I think it's about $3000/semster plus books which aren't too bad. You have to have pre-reqs done before you can start but they are pretty good about accepting classes. I had credits from North Carolina, VA, and Indiana and it all worked out. It's a 22 month diploma program and I have found that a large number of the students are "non-traditional" with families and kids of all ages. Also, I applied last winter when we found out we were coming back to this area and took a couple classes to meet my pre-reqs and was able to start in August, when we had just moved out here in May. Good luck with your search!
  12. by   cayces
    I am trying to figure out what I can and want to do in regards to Nursing School. I have been attending TCC for 2 semesters and have prereqs completed except Bio100, A&P I,II. They problem is this will be three more semester and then to make the cut off for applying. I am 43. I would love to hear more about MCI and its programs from someone who has been there. Also, I have no previous medical experience. Is the RN program to much of a reach or should I just start with LPN. I want to be able to support myself down the line.
  13. by   cayces
    Where did you take your chem? I took it at TCC and it was a pass/fail course and 4 credits. I was told today it would transfer. I don't want that to happen to me.
  14. by   AnnieMae*
    For what it is worth, although I am not a student there, I continue to hear good reports about Riverside in Newport News.