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by Kelbelle21

I am looking into going to chamberlain at the arlington campus this fall...anyone else looking here or know much about the school? I just started looking into it and might go take a look around the school next week. I have... Read More

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    Hello fellow ex-WCC student,

    I was in the same exact boat, I withdrew from the OB course but me was due to a more personal issue with "the" dreaded OB instructor:***:.. I now attend the Addions, IL campus. I can not say enough about how much I love it!!! WCC was a total waste,not only financially, time wise, but emotionally as well (you know exactly what I mean).. Yes, Chamberlain may be expensive, but it is soooo worth it. As far as getting credits on previous nursing classes, I only got credit for NUR105. It sounds a bit disheartening, but BELIEVE me, when you are sitting in class, you will be telling yourself "omg, I didn't learn sh*** at WCC! Two years of my life a waste!"... I'll stop ranting about WCC, some will say I'm just another disgruntle student, and they are probably right, but I take this into consideration at WCC I was barely surviving w/ a C average.. In Chamberlain, I have made the Dean's list for 2 semesters! and I average a B+ grade now. So no it was not that I was dumb, it was that WCC made you feel that way!

    Good luck to you and wish you best of luck!
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    I see your very helpful so if you don't mind answering this question... How's the financial aid?