BonSecours Fall 2012??

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    I am applying to Bonsecours Memorial School of Nursing for Fall of 2012. I take the TEAS V on Jan 11 and I am really really nervous. Especially with the science section. What is the minimum score requirement for BSMCON on the TEAS? I have submitted all parts of the application except one transcript but I am nervous because I took Chemistry in freshman/sophomore year of college (graduated in 2009) and got an F but I am back in school and retook it and got an A. Hopefully they will consider the better grade... YIKES!
    Anyone else applying for Fall 2012??

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    I am planning on applying for the Fall 2012 semester! I have all the requirements and a GPA right now of 3.7 the only thing I am nervous about is the TEAS test! I am so nervous for the science & math part because I heard you cannot use a calculator? How hard was it? Could you please respond and let me know? Thanks so much!
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    Hey! The TEAS wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The worst part for me was the science section I got a 75 adjusted score on it. For the math, I would recommend practicing working fast because there are a lot of problems that you have to work out and some have multiple steps to get to the final answer. It is not hard but it is time consuming. They provide pencils and scratch paper at the testing site. I would recommend also the ATI practice book if you haven't gotten it already. When are you scheduled to take it??
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    I am also applying for Fall 2012! I am scheduled to take the TEAS Monday evening at Bon Secours. I have been studying the ATI study guide but after reading other comments, I heard that book doesn't really prepare you that well for the science section. Do you have any tips on studying for the science portion?

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    Hi Pricecaroline,
    I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. How did it go?
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    I'm sooo nervous! Does anyone know when we are supposed to find out??
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    does anyone if they got in or not? i didnt end up applying yet since i started a new job. I am going to apply for Spring 2013 now. STILL the only thing holding me back is the TEAS! lol.
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    Heyy! I got in! I'm super excited! The teas wasn't all that had at all. The only part was math cuz its real short and u have to work out a lit of problems by hand and science section was rough but still not so bad
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    ah good congrats!!!!
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    Hello! i've applied for the spring 2013 semester and i was wondering how long did it take for them to tell you if u got in or not...i'm soo nervous and the wait is killing me! also, did you already have a degree? how do you like the program so far? and is it fast paced? and sorry for all the questions lol!

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