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Has anyone applied to Bon Secour College of Nursing? I've passed their TEAS test and now just waiting anxiously if I got accepted or not >.< It is so nerve wrecking, as this is my last chance for... Read More

  1. by   hippydippy
    Thanks for letting me know the dates I'm actually in Williamsburg so it would be an hour either way for me. Of course traffic to Norfolk (that dreadful tunnel...) would probably make it worse. My fiance works in Williamsburg and we had planned to settle here so I now all too well the delights of pushing for a move to be closer haha. I really like so much about the Bon Secours program, but it would be a hassle to drive 2.5 hours everyday. I will try and go to the info session because that would probably help clarify how long it would take in terms of school and that will certainly be a factor. Thanks again for letting me know!
  2. by   stary01
    dolphinbeauty09 and ashtanga - i am in the same boat with bad grades from school when i first got out of college. i have been taking classes for the past year at reynolds and have straight a's. even with my a's, my cumulative gpa is 2.79, i was wondering how you explained the issue in your essay to the school? any advice would be great! thanks!
  3. by   beesmorales
    Hey there!
    I am very interested in the Bon Secours BSN program and would love to know if any of you got in? I'm sure its a stretch considering this forum was made a while ago... but I thought I might as well try. I would love to know my chances of getting in with my STATs.
    I recently graduated from VCU with a degree in Spanish (GPA 3.3); got all As in my pre-reqs expect for Micro in which I got a C (not sure if this will affect me greatly). I currently work at St. Francis as a PCT and am a trained Spanish interpreter for Bon Secours. If anybody would please do me a favor and let me know what you honestly think, I would be greatly appreciative!
    Thanks in advance!