Are you happy working at Winchester Medical Center?

  1. 0 Anybody work for Winchester Medical Center? Are the nurses treated well? Is the pay competative? Are you happy working there? Thanks!
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    I'm interested in hearing these answers, too ... I live in Winchester, but work in Loudoun County. I should finish up my RN by this time next year, and working close to home (as in a mere 9 miles from home!) is enticing!
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    I too am interested in this. I will be finished with school in December and will be applying there, one of many hospitals. As a matter of fact, I will probably be going down there in the next month for an interview.
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    traumaRN2008, good luck with your interviews. Let us know how things go with WMC. Thanks.
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    I too work at Loudoun and we have MANY nurses that travel from Winc VA to here daily. Some that travel even further! I have heard some things about Winc but the overall has not been good.
    Considering the price of gas it makes you wonder how bad things really are there, that these folks would drive an hour or more every day just for work!
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    I do at least have a hybrid vehicle. But I adore my coworkers, so I'm hoping to stay put for a while!
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    I have officially graduated and will be starting at WMC on Feb. 11 in the ED/Trauma unit. I can't wait!!! I externed over the summer in the ED/Trauma unit at a hospital here in NJ, and can't wait to get back in to it.
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    Congratulations!! That is awesome.

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