Anyone in the Virginia Beach area know about schools for LPN? Anyone in the Virginia Beach area know about schools for LPN? | allnurses

Anyone in the Virginia Beach area know about schools for LPN?

  1. 0 Hello -

    I'm in a toss up between a few schools. Done my research but would like to see if there are any fellow Va Beach/Hampton Roads area students on here that may know about or went to some of these schools.

    Im looking at MCI (through ECPI University), Fortis College and Centura.

    If anyone has these schools in their area any advice or experiences are greatly appreciated too.

    Thank you
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    I just finished Centura in Richmond. I enjoyed every minute of it. My instructors were great & the clinical sites were good.

    I know it's not in the area you were looking for, but I just wanted to give my 2 cents about the school. :-) Good luck on your search!!
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    Thank you for the reply

    How long is their program? I have an appt to see them but haven't been yet.
    MCI is 14 months and Fortis is 15 months.
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    Just finished Norfolk tech center (vo tech) 18 month program, follows public school schedule the first half of program, only $8400 excepts financial aid....passed my boards this week! Good luck
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    Thanks mermcm83 And CONGRATS to you on passing thats awesome! Good luck to you!
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    Thank you!
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    im trying to find a lpn program to do too, i have looked into ecpi but i have heard ALOT of really bad things about that college as far as credits transferring to an rn bridge program and the cost and everything but i havent heard anything about anything else im meeting with someone from centura college tommorow so hopefully i find out some more information and can find a program to enroll in!! also one thing i do know about centura that i like is they have classes starting every 5 weeks which is pretty cool
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    I go to MCI in Virginia Beach, this is my second week. I also looked at fortis which I liked but I was worried b/c of the accreditation status. Their tuition was a little bit lower, but I decided to go to MCI. If you have any specific questions I can try and help answer for you just let me know!!
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    Hi! I'm a 2nd level LPN student at Fortis and I'm enjoying it! I've had good instructors so far. Hope u find what you're looking for, but make sure it's the right fit for YOU
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    I'm starting Fortis College in Norfolk and wanted to know current students input. I already have most of my basic classes so don't have much to go. Any input is helpful. Thanks
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    I have never heard anything good about Fortis.
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    Read this thread, it helped me make up my mind.Pay rates for new LPN's in the Hampton Rds Area