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Hello! I received a conditonal acceptance letter from Riverside School of Health Careers. I will begin the day division starting in January and would love to hear from anyone else that may be attending. I can't wait to begin... Read More

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    I have heard that it is good to purchase an NCLEX review book. I plan on purchasing either the Saunder's NCLEX review or Prentice Hall NCLEX review and begin practice questions on day 1. Will you be attending the Day RN program?


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    No... the Jan 2011 class was filled up, so I was accepted into the August 2011 start day. Its such a long time from now so Im kind of nervous. For some reason i feel like I am going to forget everything i learned so far. So the plan is to do all that i can to prepare myself for day one (nine months from now )

    But thanks for the book suggestion
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    Hey I am starting in January 2011 email me at!
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    Hi Jburton7! I sent you an email.
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    Hi Heather,
    I am starting the RN program in Jan. 2011...can't wait!
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    hey another person that will be in class! whats your name/do you have a facebook? i think ill start a group so we can all get to meet each other!
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    Yes..start a Riverside group...great way to meet people ...
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    well i cant see your name (im new to allnurses so i may be missing it..) or just friend me on facebook, jessica burton - george mason university.. then ill make the group and we can invite classmates as we meet them!
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    Hello, I saw that you began the program in January.Please tell me how the program is so far. When do clinicals began? Why do you have to wait one year after finishing the LPN program to apply to the RN program at Riverside?
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    is the rn program at riverside an associates or bachelors program?

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