Anyone accepted to JSRCC 2010 LPN

  1. 0 Just wanted to say Hi to fellow classmates, not normally a social butterfly but I guess now is the best time to be more social.
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    hey im in that class!!! orientation this week
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    Finally I was like I know its more than just me lol Congratulations !!!! I'm just trying to make friends b/c I feel we all gonna need each other b/c we all have that common goal
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    congrats to you too!!! im sure all of us will need help studying and making it thru the program : ) are u going to the orientation on thurs or the one next week? im really nervous about the work load and working with real patients!!!
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    I'm nervous too but excited. I'm sure the excitement will be gone when I have to read those 5-10 chapters in a short amount of time. I'm just trying to take the advice that some of the nice people on this site have given me and just try to always think why I'm doing this

    Going to the Thursday orientation.
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    5-10 chapters?!? yikes!!! I'll see ya thursday then : D
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    How many points did you have when you got into the LPN program?
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    hmmm points??? im not sure... do u mean as far as the ranking system they use??? i had like a 3.8 gpa but i only had 2 semesters of prereqs... i got in on my first try!!!
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    I think I got 9 from the point system

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