Any1 work at CHKD?

  1. I graduated Dec 08 from a BSN program at JMU. I spent 1.5 years in an ED now I am working in an urgent/primary care center. I really want to work in pediatric and was considering moving to Norfolk and working at Children Hospital of Kings Daughters. Does anyone have info on nursing at CHKD.. did you like it? Whats the pay? How is the ratio, ect... anything you could tell me would help. Also if you have any strong opinion of other peds hospitals or peds floors nearby.
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  3. by   nakeia
    hello! i work there.. but in the NICU. i'm sorry that i cant give you info about the ED but i can give you some tidbits about the hospital. it is the only pediatric hospital in the area and services hampton roads to the eastern shore to parts of northern north carolina. there are satelites but for peds offices, outpatient surgeries or radiology. i'm not sure what the pay will be for experienced rn's (i started as a new grad here) but i can tell you that we recieved a 2 percent pay raise last year (yes! a full 2 percent!) and that was the first in 5 years. Also, the hospital is a little outdated as far as technology goes. they are just catching up with the rest. CHKD is a hospital that is respected in the community but everyone has there complaints about working here. i enjoy working here but am looking to find something else... mostly because of pay, secondly because of tunnels and traffic. hope it helped.
  4. by   stacynicole08
    Nakeia- would you recommend the NICU at CHKD? Is there a particular dept at CHKD that most nurses love?
  5. by   nakeia
    The NICU is a busy unit here. There are nurses that have left other units to come to the NICU. It depends on what you like first. But from what I hear most do not like working on the floors at CHKD. I heard the PICU is a cutthroat unit but not too bad if that is what you want to do. I would recommend starting with these units: ED/NICU/PACU/PICU and not the floors.
  6. by   Spollock
    I am wondering what exactly you did to get a job at CHKD as a new grad. I am a new grad and I have applied to a bunch of positions there. So I am wondering how to get my foot in the door. Do you have any helpful tips with CHKD? Thank you!!
  7. by   nakeia
    For the NICU you had to have completed an externship or preceptorship to get hired as a new grad. I also was in contact with the nurse recruiter throughout my application process until I was hired (her information was listed on the website). Are you interested in te NICU? If so, I can PM you contact information.
  8. by   Spollock
    I would love to have the contact information, that would be great!! How long were you in contact with the recruiter before you were offered the position?
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    I was wondering if you could message me your email. I have a question for you.
  10. by   kinderRN
    So does anyone have any info regarding FT RN office positions at CHKD? I am puzzled because I have applied for several positions which I know I am qualified for as I have been a nurse working in a peds clinic/office setting for about 12 years. But I was told I was not selected for the position but the positions are STILL posted. I am now wondering if it is salary expectations?? I even reapplied and left off the salary...
  11. by   elisedouglass07
    Hi, do you still work at KD? I recently acquired my second bachelors in nursing and would like to work the nicu. I did volunteer as a cuddler for 8 mos but I don't know if that is enough.
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