VTC 2011 acceptance?

  1. Anyone apply to VTC for 2011 Fall term?
    have you been notified whether or not you have been accepted? What campus?
    I am waiting to hear, but have not heard anything as of yet.
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  3. by   dalgal
    Any word yet??? I'm finishing up semester two and am waiting to hear about the ADN program...good luck to you!!
  4. by   NeedchangeofPace
    Who are you? Do I know you?
  5. by   dalgal
    Yes but I'm hurt that you don't remember me!!!...
    Anyway, have you heard?
  6. by   NeedchangeofPace
    No I have not, but I know of 7 in Bennington that have applied and have not heard from VTC yet either.
    So I guess no news is good news (sorta).
    Patience right now is paramount.

    I do think I remember you San Francisco in 82? or was it Atlanta in 89? It was a memorable time don't ya think??
  7. by   dalgal
    I'll PM you...
  8. by   mtnbob
    I am interested in ADN program at Vermont Technical college(Williston site)? Do you need to get LPN first then apply for ADN or apply directly to ADN? I am a little confused?