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Anyone other MEPN applicants on here? I applied for fall '11 entry and was recently told the program coordinators were trying to decide whether to do interviews this year or not and it was still up in the air. Also was told... Read More

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    I got the bad news by mail today, but I'm already committed to Stony Brook's program so it's ok. Have fun everyone and good luck!

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    kmcg11: Congrats on Stony Brook. I've heard good things about that program.

    I am on the waitlist and still waiting for someone to back out of UVM's program. Admissions told me that they have filled all the spots and have 16 deposits in hand so if anyone backs out now, they'll be losing $500. Ugh. It seems unlikely to me. My glass is looking more empty than full at the moment...I wish someone would just call me with good news and make my day!

    Has anyone else heard anything?
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    I got my denial letter over the weekend. Sort of anti-climactic at this point. I assume my downfall was a weak science foundation, so I've applied to the post-bac premed program instead in hopes of strengthening my app for the next time.
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    I was just accepted to UVM's Adult NP program... anybody know anything good/bad about that program? I have heard mixed reviews..

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