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hi i am thinking of moving to vermont (from ohio valley). was wondering how long it takes the bon to get you your license? i see from other posts it shouldnt take long. (too late to change my title sorry) whats the... Read More

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    hi all,
    im a foreign nurse on l2b with EAD. I jus received my EAD,i live in California but i have an active RN in vermont, was looking for jobs in Vermont, but haven had any luck, how is the job opportunities in vermont???? PLS HELP, dunno how to apply, have been trying to apply for jobs online.. but no reponse so far....pls help
    thank y'all.

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    Gaya3. I dont know what living situation you are in now, but if you still reside in California your chances of getting a job in Vermont a super slim. I did that a short while back. But I wasnt 3.000 miles away like you are. I lived 2 states away and had the opportunity to come up to Vermont and snoop around for possible employment. Trouble was, that when I returned to my homestate I was getting interviews for Vermont and that wasnt feasible. I live here now and have been searching for quite some time without luck. But my situation is different than yours. I havent been active in Nursing for 2 years now and this may be hurting me even though I have 17 years of being a Charge Nurse behind me.
    Are you planning to move here? If so, I think your chances may be better that way. hope this helps. lumbarpain.
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    Gaya3.......a late note.......I have been applying online also since November 2010. Have had 2 bites since then but no real job. I also have visited medical offices and medical facilities in person without luck, You have to have good transportation because you really need it here. be acclimated to rural areas and bad winters, also, get ready for a paycut. Ok....just to let you know.
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    thts not comforting at all ... but thanks for the honest answer.. i wasnt planning to move to vermont untill i get a job.. even i had a break for past 3 yrs in nursing.. tht might bite me real bad in the job hunt... i have applied for licensure by endorsement in california.. i guess ill have to wait for tht... but i wanted to start working as soon as i got my EAD.. dunno wht to do now... guess will pray and wait for my california license to approve soon... thanks LOT..
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    I wish you the best.....its tough with the Economy and all going on. Take care. Lumbarpain
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    I moved back here from CA in November and got a job on my first day - ok, it was a crummy place to work but it allowed me to get my foot in the door. I think you do have more of a chance here if you are a new grad. Some of the LTC facilities are fairly good places to work. Also, there's an alcohol/drug rehab facility that routinely hires new grads. And there's always corrections. I now work as a travel nurse, having only 7 months of experience. It is a little tough on me, not the driving so much as not having guaranteed hours. But the pay is terrific.
    Employers want to know that you're serious about coming here, so if you are the best thing to do (IMO) is endorse your license over, which doesn't take long. Financially, it wasn't possible for me to come here just to interview. I had to come here to stay.
    I wish you the best. Vermont is my home, so it wasn't a hard choice to come back. I'm so glad I did.
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    Wow, Abbyann, you sound like me! I am a Vermonter too, and I have been living in Washington state waiting to get back home. Did you ever make it?

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