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I have heard from many people that it is impossible for anyone to live in Vermont if you aren't wealthy. I find it hard to believe there are no jobs in VT. BTW, I lived there for 2 years as a child. I was doing a search on... Read More

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    Quote from oneproudigorot
    Hi there! Would they hire fresh graduates from outside of the US? I am from the Philippines. I have yet to sit for my cgfns and nclex. I have already sent my application to the vermont state board of nursing for my nclex.

    hi may i know from you if you sent to Vermont BRN CHED certification and course description?

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    Have you considered northern Vermont?
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    Quote from RNPATL
    Why not consider the mountains of North Carolina. The weather is much like you want .... we get snow in the winter and have beautiful leaves in the fall. A drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway would certainly convince you if you visited in the fall. Also, the schools here are some of the best in the country. Property costs are pretty reasonable still, unless you decide to move to a more visitor friendly part of the mountains (not naming any names). It is worth exploring and the wages for RN's are decent. Good luck.
    Could you name any particular places in North Carolina?
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    Quote from vermonster
    Well...your post brings up an interesting debate here in Vermont. I am a Vermont resident but leaving in August to go to Binghamton University for an accelerated program. Housing and and taxes in Vermont certainly are costly. Southern Vermont in particular has a lot of second homes and people who may have moved in from other states with considerable means-this has definitely caused contention in lots of areas with those people who were born here and have lived in Vermont all of their lives.

    I am in an interesting situation as I grew up on a farm in Northern Vermont-lived in England, California, Arizona and Massachusetts for 13 years and then moved back, so I can see the situation through lots of lenses. Althought the property taxes are high-I can also tell you the schools are good-much better than in Arizona and California-for the most part you will go low class sizes and you will know your child's teacher.

    Fletcher Allen in Burlington starts new grads at 20.87 without differential-my local community hospital starts at 18.57ish-it is located in Saint Albans-about 28 miles north of Burlington.

    I will say this that even though I am leaving for a year, I will be back-eventually, I would like to have kids and this is where I would like them to grow up.

    Feel free to PM with any questions.

    gud day! is this true as today's living? forgive for my english. I'm planning to take the nclex next year, and having hard time to which state I'm going to. I have 3 kids, ages 5, 3 1/2 ang 2. god"s will, if i passed all the exams, we're planning to migrate tu us. btw, i'm from the philippines. tnx in advance.......
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    Are there any RNs actually living in Vermont here, in particular anyone living in Burlington or the surrounding areas?

    My husband and I are planning to move there and I would love to discuss what it's like to live there.
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    I'm right across the pond in NYS. The thing that's hard in VT is property tax. They're really high. Home prices and everything else are quite afordable.
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    Living in Vermont can be challenging, we have 5 seaons here - dont forget mud season!I am an LPN, working in a small community outpatient clinic. I make around 42,000 yearly. Housing can be an issue in this state, especially in the "cities", but if you can find a nice rural home, it is a peaceful place to live. i love it here. Great place to raise your kids. Taxes are high, but in this economy, it seems to all balance out wherever you live. My husb. is thinking about moving south. Anyone know any links to LPN wage info for other states?
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    Quote from w_padre
    hi may i know from you if you sent to Vermont BRN CHED certification and course description?
    I don't remember sending any documents coming from the CHED.
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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Vermont sounds wonderful. However, I have heard that Vermont is not pet friendly and that it is almost impossible to find any apartments that allow pets? Is this true? Thanks.:spin:
    I don't know where you would have heard this, but almost everyone in Vermont has pets!!! That being said, depending on housing availability in the area you're looking, pets could be a prob.

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