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  1. does any one know of a nursing bridge progran from Lpn to Rn in vermont. Someone was telling me they think it's a 9 month progam. If any one know the name of the school please let me know.
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  3. by   vtgirl
    I think the Vermont Tech programs are about that length..
  4. by   frznmommy
    Hello! This response is a bit late but I just joined today. Great site! I'm glad that I found it! I can tell you as a VT Tech student who is graduating on the 21st as an LPN, that we have a bridge program. Obviously it's for already licensed PNs', but also for students like me who are enrolling right into the following year. Depending on how many pre-reques are out of the way, the coarseload is fairly light, (vs the LPN year....OH MY GOSH!!!) Plus there are lots of vacations sprinkled throughout the nine month school year to help w/ burnout. I have six classes left to take to acheive my associates degree. I am taking two classes each semester out of the comfort of my home on-line, and attending the other class which is a lecture + lab two days a wk at the campus. Three classes each semester. Makes it tons easier on a mom of two young children! The only downside to this program is that it is HIGHLY competitive. The applications for this particular class of '08-'09, were over 500, w/ only 100 accepted. Thankfully, I ended this past year w/ a 3.5. A 3.2 overall is what they are looking for. However!!! if you have already been out there working, experience is priceless and then how many pre-reques out of the way is considered plus your GPA from your LPN program. I applied back in January '07as recommended for us currently enrolled students. But they recommend non-students to apply by the end of November. Good luck to you!