Waiting lists?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows the wait time to get into Salt Lake Community College or Utah Career Colleges RN program?? Thanks!
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  3. by   krazy_coconuts
    You should look into AmeriTech College nursing school. I'm finishing up my first semester there and I've really enjoyed it! Its cheaper than Utah Career College and you may be able to start right away. As far as the waiting list for SLCC, I believe its 2-3 years.
  4. by   TiffaniRN
    Quote from ariannasmom
    I was wondering if anyone knows the wait time to get into Salt Lake Community College or Utah Career Colleges RN program?? Thanks!
    I believe the waiting time to get into SLCC is 2 years AFTER all of your pre-req's are completed. If you work for IHC (UCR) you should apply to their nursing school. It is actually through SLCC (the same program, teachers, etc.) but you don't have to wait to get in, you can just apply with most of your pre-req's completed. I was the first graduating class from their program and it was WONDERFUL!!! Since then I went right on to the RN-BSN program at the U of U. It was mainly online so I can't say I enjoyed it more than SLCC. I am not sure about the other program you mentioned. Hope this helps. Good Luck and don't give up!;
  5. by   ERGirl83
    I called SLCC yesterday and the wait time was between 2.5 and 3 years AFTER all pre-reqs are completed. HOWEVER, if you get a job at IHC, and agree to work for them for 2 years after school, they will bypass the waiting list at SLCC (once your pre-reqs are done) AND pay for your schooling completely as long as you maintain 20 hrs while in school, it's definitely worth looking into.

    I personally would NOT attent Ameritech or Stevens Henager as they are not accredited, and I would never attend a school that wasn't accredited. I'm currently pursuing UVSC's nursing program, (soon to be UVU) and when I used to work at IHC, I was told it was the most reputable program in the state...There is no waiting list, just a competitve application process every semester, but it's a tought program...Average GPA to gain acceptance last year was 3.87, so you def. need the grades.

    The other option, if you don't want to wait, don't have almost a 4.0, and don't mind paying, is Provo College. They have no waiting list (in fact they are desperate for students at this point), and only require like a 3.2 to get in, AND they are accredited by the NLNAC, so that's a DEFINITE plus. It is, however like $40K for the program, whereas UVSC/UVU is only like $12K...

    Weber State also has a really great distance education program you should look into as well, you can do most course work at home/online and only drive up a couple times a month.

    Good luck!