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  1. Hey everyone. I will graduate with my BSN in May and will be moving to Utah right away. I am planning on applying to the ICU new grad intern program at the Univ of Utah, but am wondering if anyone has any experience with the program? Do they mostly just accept their own nursing school graduates or are they open to taking students from other schools? I am doing my senior preceptorship in an ICU and would love to get the intense training in the intern program.

    My other question is about the SLC VA hospital. There are no nursing jobs open on their website- does anyone have any info about working there or getting hired there? I have worked as student nurse tech at the VA in Oklahoma for the past year and would really like to get on with the one in SLC if I don't get accepted into the program at the U.

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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    Yes they mostly accept their own school graduates. I would suggest you do not move here without first having landed a job. There are not enough jobs for the amount of graduates here.
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    Thank you for your reply. I was originally moving to Utah because my husband was going to take a particular job there. That seems to not be working out so well, so he is applying for jobs in Nevada where we are from, as well. Also, since my post I spent some time in the ER for school and fell in love and have switched my leadership position from ICU to ER.
    I believe what you are saying about the lack of jobs in Utah! There seems to be no room for one more new attorney or new nurse as my husband and I are finding out. He has applied for the bar exam in both states and I have applied for licensure in both states and we are both playing the waiting game and seeing where we find jobs. Hopefully we find something before we have to make the final decision on which state tests to take! Again, thanks for your reply!
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    This is an older post, but I will comment anyway. I did the program, and I did not graduate from the U. In fact there were not any U grads in my group. I do not think they have much of a bias towards the U grads. I hope this helps.

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