Respiratory Therapist Programs in UT

  1. 0 I have a friend who is looking into becoming a RT, but the only school she can find that offers the program is Stevens-Henager college. I don't know anything about the school except for negative things that I have heard about their nursing program (only that it may be closed down, not anything about nurses who graduated from there) and that they are expensive, much like other for-profit schools. Does anyone know any positive info about their RT program?

    Are there any other schools that offer a RT program? I see that there is an online program for an Associates degree, how are these viewed by employers? Is there any other way to become a RT in Utah besides Steven's-Henager or online?

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    There is a RT program at SLCC. At one time there was a partnership program through Intermountain Health Hospitals and the RT program. There were several area hospitals to work in while getting the RT degree - and guartantee job upon graduation. I think the SLCC program is substantially cheaper than somewhere like Steven's-Henager College.
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    Thank you very much!
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    I know that Weber State has a RT program.... and way cheaper than that other school. My friend graduated from weber with an AS in RT. She had a great experience.
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    Thanks RN2bAPRN! Unfortunately I think Weber is a little to far north for her, otherwise it would be a great fit for her, i'm sure.
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    I know that Utah Valley Regional Med Center has a RT program that is through Weber but all the classes are done at the hospital ( IHC Univ.) I was looking into it awhile ago. best of luck to your friend
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    Quote from sureshotalot
    I know that Utah Valley Regional Med Center has a RT program that is through Weber but all the classes are done at the hospital ( IHC Univ.) I was looking into it awhile ago. best of luck to your friend
    Thanks! It's funny that you should mention IHC Univ b/c I just went to an information session at UVU regarding this program. I was curious myself and plan to pass the info to my friend.
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    I got accepting into the IHC program through Weber twice. Shot them down twice because of their requirements. They required two 8 hour class room days, plus two 12 hour clinicals per week plus you have to work at least 24 hours/ week plus have a 2 year commitment afterward and only start around $19/hr. The major problem was I had to work 32-40 hours/week to get by and I didn't want to do 80 hours/week for 2 years to start at $19/hr. So I held out for nursing. That was a few years ago. Maybe they are different now.
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    Stevens Henager is the most expensive way to go, however it is the fastest way to go. If you want reliable instructors, curiculum, and information Weber has a great program but I have heard that it does take some time to get into and it is not a fast program.

    Stevens Henager is a joke of a school. I have experience in the RT program with S.H. and the tuition that you will pay is about 75K for your associates and you bachelors. It will take you a long time to pay that off. The list is too long of negative subjects about that school.
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    Don't know which end of the state you are located but Dixie State down in St George has an RT program. Maybe do a search on the grad stats, etc. GL
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    Thank you for your advice! This thread is really helpful!

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