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  1. I just recently moved to Utah and was thinking about applying to one of the IHC hospitals here, but I haven't really heard to much about them. Can anyone tell me about them? I would like to get in to L/D.
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  3. by   krazy_coconuts
    Hi Ethereal,
    I've worked for IHC for about three years and have really enjoyed it. There is a new trauma 1 hospital opening the end of October that is STATE OF THE ART if you're interested. Also, there will be a seperate women's tower if you're looking into L & D. (And FYI, the Salt Lake IHC hospitals are the only ones in Utah that have Magnet status)
    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   ERGirl83
    Yeah, IHC is pretty much the be-all-end-all out here...They only do on-line applications, which I dislike, I like to talk to the recruiters and managers prior to securing interviews, but there are also great benefits and tuition reimbursements...UVRMC (in Provo) is seeking MAGNET status, but doesn't currently have it (My SIL is being essentially forced to get her BSN because of this), and the new hospital is going to be absolutely AMAZING!!!

    The other choices are MountainstarHealth (Timpanogos, St Marks) and one other company, I think Isys or something (Jordan Valley, etc)...But IHC is definitely the largest organization out here.
  5. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i worked at UVRMC in provo for many years and loved it. i now live in nevada and we have a IHC hospital here where i work per diem. i am a RN and here in nevada they only hire RN's. i don't know about UVRMC. i worked post partum at UVRMC and loved it , this was many years ago. i just loved the people i worked with. it is a beautiful hospital , and you would enjoy it. it's been many years since i have worked there , but i was employed there for 9 years. oh and the benefits for IHC are very good. good luck in your job search.