Getting an RN job in Utah-are the horror stories true? Getting an RN job in Utah-are the horror stories true? | allnurses

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Getting an RN job in Utah-are the horror stories true?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm currently waiting to hear back from the nursing program I applied to so I may be jumping ahead a little bit but I want to know going in. I currently work in a hospital and lately I have been speaking to RNs who have graduated in the last few years. People are telling me that it took them anywhere from 8 months to a year to find a job here in Utah. Does that sound accurate? Any experience or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I would be graduating with my BS in nursing. I've been told this can make a difference when applying for jobs?
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    I wouldn't say 8-12 months, but more like 3-5 months. I know with my graduating class (All with BSNs) there were a few that didn't get a job quickly such as that time frame. But they did eventually, some in hospitals, home health and agencies. It took me a little over a month to get my job and I had worked there for over 4 years, but that was because my manager was being difficult. If you have some hospital experience or work in one as a HCA/CNA/MA/EMT you have more of a chance to get in. But my friends who didn't, it took them about 3-5 months.
    FYI Intermountain and University of Utah have cohort programs with their employees so they hire them first, then their employees not in those programs, then outsiders. So they may take a bit to hire if you don't already work for them.
    Oh and having your BSN doesn't matter at the University of Utah hospital, can't speak for the other hospitals. But I know they don't, even with pay. Hope that helps!