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UTA Spring 2013 - page 11

Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I... Read More

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    Hello! Does anyone knows what will happen when you applied and you were at a partner hospital, then now, you were laid off? How does that affect the selection process?
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    Hi Lee1920,

    I believe you must still be employed by the partner hospital at the time of ranking, which is about a month or so after the actual application deadline. In fact, I believe it also states you must still be employed by them into the first semester of school if you get accepted. I would go to the Online BSN handbook and read to be sure.
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    Thanks rubyredd. I'm going to check the handbook now.
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    Just checking in to see how everyone is holding up?! Anyone heard anything new/different from their advisor about.....anything? I hate to wish the time away, but I wish October would hurry up already!!
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    I'm just waiting as well. We should hear something by the end of October.
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    On the website says October 1st . Do you guys have a backup plan? What other schools are you considering if you are not accepted at UTA?
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    The website does say October 1st, but once again, I think the advisors are trying not to give an exact date, so I have heard by the end of October - hopefully closer to the beginning though! I have not applied to any other schools - the cost and time it take to complete at other schools is so much more. At this point, I have put all of my eggs in one basket...after being waitlisted last time, I pray that it works out!!
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    I too have only applied to UTA for Spring. I turned down 2 ADN schools for Fall. After talking with the dean at UTA she said I have a very good chance at getting in for Spring in the AP BSN program...hope she is right!
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    Where on the website does it say October 1st?
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    Quote from kels.weir
    Where on the website does it say October 1st?
    Hi kels.weir!

    I haven't seen your user name before Can I ask if you are partnered and if so, which hospital? Thanks!

    Here is the link to the Start Dates: UT Arlington Online - Academic Calendar and Deadlines
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    I am not partnered. I do not know much about the AP BSN program so I don't know my chances of getting in considering I'm not partnered. What about you? I also applied to the On-Campus program.
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    Hello everyone, Im new to the site and see that competition is stiff. I am a partnered applicant (THR) that was waitlisted for fall 2012, my application was moved to the spring applicant pool and like many of you, I am anxiously waiting to find out if I will accepted for spring 2013. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!
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    Quote from kels.weir
    I am not partnered. I do not know much about the AP BSN program so I don't know my chances of getting in considering I'm not partnered. What about you? I also applied to the On-Campus program.
    The AP BSN program is open to anyone who applies, however, if you currently work at one of the hospitals that UTA partners with for clinicals, the chances are supposed to be better for getting in. UTA goes through a ranking process for applicants through which they look at Science GPA, overall GPA, if you passed the HESI and "other considerations" like - # of hours taken at UTA, if you are partnered, if you have a prior degree, etc. This is how they determine who is accepted. Some hospitals only have a certain amount of spots in the partnership, so depending on how many people apply, it can be competitive. Any left over spots go to unpartnered applicants. Most of us in this forum were waitlisted for the Fall start date and are just anxiously awaiting to hear UTA's deciscion The AP BSN program is becoming more popular and therefore, more competitive......I am partnered with Parkland. Good luck to you!! Let us know if you have other questions....there's a lot of info in earlier posts too!:spin: