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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the "intricacies" of this nursing program. ... Read More

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    I'm new to the forum, but have been reading it for awhile. I was also wait listed and recieved the call that I was accepted today. Huge weight lifted off my shoulders, but still very much in shock!

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    Congratulations to you as well...are you partnered? unpartnered?
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    McKinneyMom and Tleigh - are you both Academic Partnership...I presume so - since we are talking partnered/unpartnered...

    Just trying to see who they're calling...
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    I'm unpartnered.
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    Okay...seeing a pattern...haha...unpartnered ones are being called first....
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    Hi, I'm also new to this and wish I found this forum earlier as all the posts and moral support from everyone could have been a great help. First off, I have to agree with everyone that struggled in Pharm, I think Mrs. Todd was by far one of the worst professors I've ever had and just like most of you I'm so glad it's over.
    My main concern and the reason why I decided to join was because I'm also wait listed and I'm curious to know what the GPA for the ones that got off the wait list is. Good luck to everyone on the wait list and throughout your journey to becoming a valued nurse. Thanks.
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    @austin - are you traditional or partnership? And if partnership, are you partnered or unpartnered... SOOOO GLAD YOU JOINED US!!! This forum and several others have really got me and friends of mine through the pre-nursing stuff...

    @tleigh, meant to also say welcome to you as well...

    There is also a UTA FALL 2012 forum started should any of us move to the application period...curse those words...we all need to get in if we are wait listed...haha...
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    Thanks I'm glad that I joined. I only applied for AP BSN this time around. Keeping my fingers crossed and all I can do is pray, pray, and pray about it and trust that no matter what happens if it's God's will, it's probably for the best.
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    @Bailey, thanks for the welcome!

    @Austin, my GPA is 3.8 overall.
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    @Tleigh, if ou don't mind me asking what was your science GPA? Sorry for all the questions.

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