UTA RN to BSN while working 40hrs /week?

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    Hello, this is my first post. I have applied for UTA RN to BSN. I have all but 3 gen ed classes, that I was told I could take while taking the nurses courses. I work as a hospice nurse. I work Monday - Friday, usual 40 hrs per week and on call every 4-5 weekends. I My wife is a teacher and we have 2 small children. I was wondering if anyone that has done the program feels that this is doable in my situation. I just don't want to get in to much over my head and not be able to handle all of it. Thanks in advance.

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    I just finished it a week ago. I work full time (36ish hours/week) as an ICU nurse, and have 4 kids, and I am married. I did the program without too much trouble. There is no hurry, you can take as few of classes at a time, and take a semester off in between if you like. It is as good of a program as any I would say. You can do it!
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    Absolutely it is doable. You might want to take one class at a time instead of two classes. Yes it will take longer but I found two classes at the same time to be pretty hard, what with work and stuff with my daughter. Others say they have no problem but I don't see how they do it. Plus, my GPA is important to me so I'd rather get A's one-at-a-time than get B's at twice the rate.

    You're in a better position than me. I still have a ton of gen ed stuff to do. I'm almost done with all the nursing classes, though.
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    How was the Nursing Research course and the Vulnerable Populations class? Did you use the community book for the vulnerable populations class? Do you still have it?
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    Nursing Research is one of the heavier courses. Plus they require you to do group work and if you get in a bad group, like I did, it can be impossible to get an A. I have no idea how people who can't even conjugate a verb properly make it through to that class but they do and they ended up in my group.

    Vulnerable populations was easy. IIRC, we had to read from the book but I just skimmed it and got an easy A. Sold the book.
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    Thank you @iLOVEbees for your quick response. Do you think the community book is needed or do you think a person can rely on the notes and lectures and make a good grade?

    Thanks again

    I'm taking Research and Vulnerable Populations together starting this week...scared.
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    I'd buy the book if I were you. IIRC, some of the quiz questions are a little obtuse and you have to use the book to find the answers.

    Good luck with your classes. I'm done with the nursing classes (save capstone) so I'm doing all gen ed stuff now. Starting art appreciation in a few weeks. The book for that class is actually the most expensive book I've had to purchase so far this program.
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    I'm taking nursing research soon... Is the material hard to grasp. How is the assignment load?
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    If you understood stats, the nursing research material is not hard. The assignment load is made much more difficult because you have to work in a group. That class was my only B. In my entire undergraduate career. Or high school (AP). It wasn't hard, it was HORRIBLE! because of the group work.
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    Hi, Im gonna start the online RN to BSN program in 2 weeks. I currently have 3 days off that I intend to use for completing schoolwork. I was wondering if it would be manageable to take 2 or 3 courses at a time. I want to get my BSN in the shortest time possible.

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