UTA RN-BSN online Official Degree Plan from advisor

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I talked to my advisor but she said "Your transcripts are pending processing by the College of Nursing. You will receive a course map once you have been officially accepted by the College of Nursing once your application has been processed."

    So how long does this actually take? Can I take any other courses along with my rn-bsn program that I know I will need?
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    It seems to vary. For me, it was very quick as in less than a week. Others have reported it took months.

    I have no idea why.
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    I applied in December and I am still waiting. I will be starting Ohio University next week. It may have been because I was a fresh graduate and hadn't had my license number yet?
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    It took about three to four weeks for me, but that's because 1) I applied just before winter break and 2) I never actually checked my mav mail where all my nursing school stuff went.
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    Ok, I checked and I was admitted provisionally last month. So I lied. However, OU did not admit me provisionally and I am already am signed for 5 out of 9 necessary nursing classes plus the English that I needed.

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