UTA online BSN program

  1. 0 university of texas arlington online bsn program: what is your experience?
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    I don't have any personal experience with the program, but I work at Parkland and have worked with several students who are in the fast-track BSN program at UTA. They apparently do all clinicals at Parkland, no summers off, but it seems manageable for them. I've compared care plan paperwork to our own at El Centro's ADN program, and it it very comparable, and even seems a bit easier. Plus working at Parkland for your clinicals, you would get lots of exposure to unit managers and maybe make some connections. Several of them landed jobs as techs while they were in school.
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    I'm currently in the online BSN program and I think it's pretty awesome. I don't feel like we're getting short-changed in education (I know there are some skeptics out there...) They've pretty much worked out all the kinks in the program (there were some in the beginning since it was new a few years ago) and I feel like it's well organized and thorough. Be prepared to give up your weekends though, as most of our clinicals are Saturday/Sunday every semester. One tip: be partnered with a partner hospital before you apply.

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