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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012 deadline.... Read More

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    Do any you know if Pharm is offered during the summer? Oh, and there is an assignment due for Intro tomorrow at 8am. The discussion board. So far, only me and one other person from my group posted. Just fyi in case anyone missed it!

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    For you people waiting on transcripts to be posted, mine were sent on dec 17 and had not posted as of Monday. I called and they had to email the person in charge of my file. They finally posted today. If yours haven't posted, make sure you call them!
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    I am new to the AllNurses forum. I am currently taking a full load, UT Arlington, plans to apply in June for the Spring 2014 entry. For those of you employed with partner hospitals - what are your positions? Are you CNA's? PCT's? LVN's? Other? And specifically Parkland (that is where I would like to work)? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I guess I will need to be making a second call to them as mine still haven't posted as of today. I've had admissions and my adviser both say it was received.
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    SOrry guys I really need to check in everyday to see what is going on? I took Pharm online through DCCCD and UTA accepted it. Got an A. Look into it, ask your advisor if they are still accepting it. Took Micro online UTA not too bad, but I was a Biology and Chemistry teacher for 7 years so don't listen to me, all of this stuff is easy NOW. I am completing my preemployment stuff for Medical City, will be working as Customer Representative. Had interview for PCA for Parkland on Jan 7th. I took a CNA class in Lancaster,TX cost was the best only like $580 and it was for about 4 weeks. Passed State Board and now on CNA registry.
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    I also applied and am enrolled in intro to nursing online! My pre-req GPA is a 3.62 & on the HESI I made a 98% on the math & a 94 overall on the english. I still don't think I have the best of chances at UTA because I applied with a C in lecture for chemistry from over 5 years ago and I am retaking it this semester. I also applied to TCU, Baylor, TWU, & el centro. I am a CNA, but unfortunately not partnered. good luck to everybody!
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    I am a PCT for THR Denton. I work full time right now and plan to until I start the clinical rotation. Plan to apply for fall 2014 for the AP program online
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    Joshsmother - did you have to have prior experience? Do you have any certifications? Have you taken classes through UTA or local community colleges, etc.? Are you taking classes right now? And have you already taken all of your prereqs? Any info appreciated!
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    aggienurse89 - have you taken any other classes at UT Arlington? (do you have any considerations?) Good luck to you - you sound like you are ahead of the process!
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    I got my CNA cert in dec 11 an worked f

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