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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012 deadline.... Read More

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    I just submitted the attestation, as well. Reminds me of Tech writing. Not difficult, but lots of work crammed into 5 weeks. But now I understand why advisors tell students to take this class first.

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    I applied to both programs.
    I am partnered with THR.
    Science GPA 3.75
    Overall GPA 3.92

    I am currently enrolled in:
    ENGL 2329 - American Literature (Section 700 1/21-315)
    ENGL 2338 - Technical Writing (Section 701 2/25-3/29)
    NURS-UL 3365 - Pharmacology (Section 600 1/28-4/19)
    NURS-UL 3366 - Pathophysiologic Processes (Section 600 1/28-4/19)

    I also having to enroll and take one of the two upper level nursing electives this semester, but am waiting hoping that they will open a Medical Terminology class.

    After this semester I will have 22 hours of credit at UTA (only 4 sciences)
    No other degrees.

    Hoping this is good enough to get me in.
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    I took Intro to Prof Nursing last semester.
    It was on Epic and didn't show up until the first day of class.
    I had weekly assignments and discussion boards due mid week, and quizes at the end of the week. And then the final.
    Class isn't diffilcult, but lots of reading and the assignments take critical thinking and comprehension of reading assignments.

    I was told that this class was a pre-req to the other two nursing pre-req classes for the nursing program.
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    I took my transcripts directly to the business office, because my applicant to a differences schools program was not accepted because one of my transcripts didn't arrive. I was told by the business office that it would take up to 4 weeks for my mymavs to be updated. I submitted my transcripts the first week of Decemeber and they still haven't been updated, but when I contacted my advisor she was able to access them.
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    Good luck! Sounds like you have a great shot of getting in.

    I heard back from my academic coach for Intro. She said the course is on BB (Syllabus is a mistake, but she is going to verify with prof.) She said this is the first semester that the course was on BB.
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    Deanew - wow! You are taking Patho and Pharm at the same time? You are brave. I am starting Patho on the 28th.
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    deanew-my transcripts were received on the 17th last month and they still havent updated my transfer credits. also i will be in patho and pharm with you.
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    So.... It looks like we are all set up now! Class does not look hard but time consuming. Glad to be getting it out of the way. Talked to academic coach for 15 mins today! She was super nice look forward to working thru this together! Good luck to everyone taking intro and other classes
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    Violach - Looks like we'll be classmates. I feel I really don't have a choice. I need to completely them both.
    I only work as a PRN (on an as need basis) and only have to pick up two 12 hour shifts a month, so I really think it's do able.
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    futureexpectations - I know it can be frustrating. For me I was especially nervious because I had another school reject my application because my transcript was lost. I took mine to the business office so I would get a receipt for turning them in. She explained that it would take up to 4 weeks, but she might not have taken into consideration the holidays. It made me feel better that my advisor was able to view them.

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