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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012 deadline.... Read More

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    I believe they have told in the past how many apply, but I think it is normally towards the time that they start sending out acceptance letters. You can always email your advisor and see if they know. I noticed that people with high GPA's were also being waitlisted for the AP program, but most of the time it was because they were not partnered. The way I understand it is that they rank the ones that are partnered and if there are any places left then they go to those not partnered; which would explain why some with low GPA's get excepted while those with high GPA's are waitlisted. It irritates alot of people, but I understand why they do it.

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    Futureexpectations - Thanks! I'm so nervous, in case you couldn't tell. Haha. Do you know anything about considerations? How much weight do they hold? I'm just wondering if they accept all of the partnered applicants first, then those who have considerations... or if considerations are just for GPA tie breaking purposes. I pulled this off of the College of Nursing website. (According to their site, I should have three considerations):

    Additional consideration will be given to students who complete the following by the application deadline:

    - 30 hours or more at UT Arlington (credits must be in College of Nursing required prerequisites)

    - 12 hours or more of College of Nursing required natural sciences at UT Arlington

    - Previous baccalaureate, masters, or doctorate degree earned in the United States

    Notes: Admission to the program is highly competitive and primarily based on science and prerequisite GPAs.
    Partner hospital clinical sites vary each semester. Priority will be given to students employed by partner hospitals
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    Ok, Got a job offer the day before the deadline for application. Yes! But I'm reading their info online and it says you must be employed for 6 months. Well whatever happens, happens.
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    Who's information says you have to be employed 6 months; the school or place of employment? If it is the place of employment, that is probably for education benefits. I didn't think there was any time requirements regarding UTA. I've read were some got employed after the deadline but prior to decisions and were still able to get classified as partnered.
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    The college of nursing web site does not mention anything about being employed for 6 months (At least not that I could find):
    Priority will be given to applicants employed by partner hospital systems offering clinical sites during that semester of admission. Partner hospital clinical sites vary each
    semester. To receive priority, applicants must be employed at the time of the ranking and the first day of class. Employment at a partner hospital is not a guarantee of
    admission into the upper-division nursing courses

    Sorry if this posts twice... my first comment did not post correctly.
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    I am partnered with THR and just switched to UTA and plan to take my last 9 per reqs online. I have a 3.45 overall and a 3.75 in science. This is all so stressful! Hope all the work pays off. Anybody know if it matters what hospital you work at? Thanks!!!
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    I don't think it matters which partner hospital you work for. But I thought each hospital was allotted a certain number of "spots" in the program. Maybe I'm wrong?
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    I work at Presby Denton and I think we just started allowing clinicals.
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    I believe each hospital is allotted so many but it is based on how many the hospital has available; I believe THR is having a cohort at two different hospitals so it would be based on how many at each hospital. If that makes any sense. My advisor gave the proposed list of AP clinical locations for the fall; I think there was a total of 10-12 hospitals.
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    Joshsmother- what classes are you taking? I am taking the three nursing prerequisites and technical writing online this semester through UTA.

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